Motorworks with New Sleek Vehicles and Slingshot Launcher {Review & #Giveaway}


Hayden is obsessed with cars.  He is constantly pushing them around his little block cities, racing them, or crashing them together.  Motorworks has an awesome collection of cars that Hayden has absolutely been in love with.  Motorworks has three different series of cars:  Street Series, Speed Series, and Extreme Series.  All of the vehicles are uniquely designed and have customizable parts.  They … [Read more...]

Easy to Install AND Clean Chicco #NextFitZip Convertible Car Seat {Review}

Chicco NextFit Zip

I believe a car seat is one of the most important baby items you will purchase.  I want to make sure that my kids are 100% safe and protected in the car.  Everyone is so busy driving here, there, and everywhere.  A safe, and easy to use car seat is so important!  Car seats have changed so much, and even just between my two kiddos that are 5 years apart there are major differences!  Chicco has gone … [Read more...]

Nanoblock from The Ohio Art Company now at Target! {Review & #Giveaway}


My 5 year old Hayden is a huge fan of toys he can build with.  After Halli goes down for a nap I can usually find him in his room building some amazing creation.  His imagination blows me away when he is building.  He is always making something new and interesting.  When we were offered to try out nanoblocks. I knew Hayden would be so excited to test them out.   We … [Read more...]

Delicious Crispy Fruit by Crispy Green {Review}

Crispy Fruit by Crispy Green

There are a few things I always have in my diaper bag for my 2 kids.  A change of clothes, a few toys, diapers, wipes, and some snacks.  I try my hardest to feed my kids yummy and healthy food.  Snack food for on the go has been the hardest thing to find for me and my kids.  Our regular healthy snacks are not always super easy to take with us and be mess free.  I was so excited to sample Crispy … [Read more...]

Finally Hot Dogs are Good Again! It’s Time for Your #Wienervention! {#Giveaway}

Applegate Natural & Organic Hot Dogs

I think I start every post these days with I love summer. It's true, I do. I love the heat, the sun, the kids being home, all of it. Well, all of it except grilling time. Burgers and dogs use to be a staple around here but I'm not a big burger fan at all and hot dogs were, well, getting gross. When I got more focused on losing weight hot dogs were one of the first foods to go. Grilling time began … [Read more...]

New, Fun, and Engaging Learning Activities with Ivy Kids Kits {#Review}

Ivy Kids

Finding new, fun, and engaging learning activities for Hayden can be rough.  Also taking the time to lesson plan, then get all the materials we need, and then organizing it all takes forever!  I rarely have that kind of time.  Thankfully Ivy Kids offered to send us two of their kits!  Ivy Kids is a monthly subscription box for children ages 3-8.  Each monthly kit contains a classic book and over … [Read more...]

Cate and Chloe Jewelry and VIP membership {#Review} Plus, Online Promo Code!

Cate and Chloe

I love jewelry.  I love what it adds to my outfit when I get ready for the day.  I feel more polished, and ready to go when I add a necklace or earrings.  I love that jewelry can be simple and easy for when I'm running around with my kids, or more dramatic and elegant for when I'm on a date with my husband.  I am always on the look out for good staple pieces of jewelry to add to my collection that … [Read more...]

Animal Pants App {Review & $25 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway}

Animal Pants

I am always looking for fun new apps for my kids.  Apps that will grasp their attention and keep them entertained.  If the app is educational that is a major bonus!  Animal Pants is an iPad app created by Alchemist Kids, and it is FREE to purchase. The brainchild of a father of twin girls who wasn't satisfied with the selection of educational apps for his preschoolers, Animal Pants is a … [Read more...]

D’Vida Pre-Made Smoothie {Review}

D'Vida Pre-Made Smoothie {Review}

Smoothies are one of my favorite go to quick breakfasts.  I love them because they keep me full and I can quickly pack in a lot of nutrients into a meal.  Especially now that swim suit season is upon us I am always looking for a quick and healthy breakfast, or after workout snack.  Sometimes, ok most of the time I am really rushed at breakfast.  Please tell me that breakfast isn't just crazy at my … [Read more...]