pediped Children & Infant Fashionable Shoes {Review & Giveaway}

As a mom I’ve trusted pediped for all my boys. I love the support and comfort they provide for their feet and the fashions just can’t be beat.
pediped® cares about the health and well being of your child’s growing feet. We have performed extensive research and testing to develop the latest technologies in children’s footwear. From our unique memory foam insoles to our light-weight, water-safe footwear, our innovative features ensure support and comfort for little feet. Take a look below to learn about the different technologies available in many pediped® shoes.

Sawyer is going to love these all new Hayden Originals for when he’s walking. He’s not there yet but these will be waiting for him when he does. I love that they are so flexible to move as he does.

About Hayden Navy
Your little man will look adorable in this navy tennis shoe. Whether your little one is preparing to take those first steps or already cruising around, Hayden is designed with a flexible leather sole and a protective foam pad that is perfect for the little guy on the go.

  • Suede and mesh upper
  • All leather sole
  • Casual athletic sneaker with Velcro strap that is easy to put on and take off, and stays securely on as your little one plays
  • Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development

Sawyer is still wearing his Jax Originals and they fit him so nicely. I love the way they fit to his feet and that they aren’t heavy or bulky on his feet. They are easy to put on and take off but not so easy that he is taking them off on his own.

The soft, flexible soles of Originals® are recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists because they allow children to closely mimic barefoot walking. Originals® are made of the highest quality leather on the market today and also feature a soft foam insert between leather layers. They are so comfortable, your child will not want to take them off!

They look great with all his outfits he loves being able to stand in them. Soon he’ll be learning how to walk and I find comfort that he’ll be doing it with pedipeds on his little feet just like my other boys did!

There are so many great styles for holiday gift giving and for holiday attire, boots, mary janes, dress styles, etc. Make sure to check out all the great selections they have perfect for any outfit this holiday season!

There are so many options I can see my boys wearing with all their great outfits this season.


The girls selections are simply adorable too!


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  1. http://Janet%20W. says

    I would need a pair for a boy! My favorite is the Flex
    Hayden – Grey, Blue .

  2. http://Denise%20L says

    THe Flex Vail in Chocolate Brown – size 12 in youth boys, please 🙂

  3. http://stephanie%20jordan says
  4. http://Courtney%20S says

    I love the Henry – Chocolate Brown

  5. http://Brandy says

    Hayden navy. I’d need boys!

  6. http://Heather%20B. says

    I love the Abigail shoes. So cute! I need a girl pair for my sweet Caroline. 🙂

  7. http://Cynthia%20R says

    i like the Originals Eva – Chocolate Brown need a girls

  8. http://jennifer says

    I love the naples in brown! I would want boys!

  9. http://Wendy%20O. says

    I would need a boy’s pair of Originals. I like the Originals Christopher – Navy.

  10. http://Danielle%20M says

    I like the Stella Black Sparkle. So cute!

  11. http://D%20Schmidt says

    I really like Originals
    Jax – Taupe

  12. http://Carmen%20Van%20Deursen says

    I like flex jones in blue for a boy.

  13. http://krista%20grandstaff says

    I love the frederick…too cute…I would like the Originals to be for a boy 🙂

  14. http://stephanie says

    My favorite are the grip and go Hayden shoes. I would need the origionals for a boy:)

  15. http://nancy says

    boy originals
    Christopher – Navy


  16. http://rebeka%20deleon says

    i like the Flex Stella – Silver Sparkle. i would need originals for girl

  17. http://susan%20h says

    I love Ruby. Actually they are all so cute. I would want a girl

  18. http://Christy says

    Will love to own flex Saturn silver size 13 for one of my twins

  19. http://Kim%20Pollock says

    Love the Flex
    Ainsley – Brown, Cream

  20. http://sandra says

    i like the jake flex, though i will probably need a girl’s original shoe

  21. says

    I like the girls Bella boots and would need a boy pair in sz 18-24 months

  22. http://stephanie%20rowe says

    love the Originals Henry – Chocolate Brown

  23. http://Anne%20Loyd says

    I love the Flex Bella Boots in Chocolate Brown! I will probably need a girl’s original in size 12!

  24. http://Sonya%20Morris says

    My favorite pair is the Originals
    Frederick – Brown, Cream and I would need 0-6 months for a boy.

  25. http://Adrianne%20B says

    My favorite pair is the Stella. I would like a girl pair.

  26. says

    My favorite are the Originals, Christopher, Choc. Brown. I’d need boys shoes, size 12-18 months

  27. http://clarissa says

    i woould need boy originals. My fave shoes are the fushia Kats

  28. http://Andrea says

    I love the Originals Hazel – Brown! I would need a pair of girls shoes for my daughter!

  29. http://Katie%20S says

    My favorite pair are the Adrian – Navy, Grey, Red! And I would need a pair for a baby boy! 6-12 month.

  30. http://Cheryl%20W. says

    I like the Originals Jax – Navy. I would need a pair for a baby boy 0-3 months.

  31. http://Janette says

    I like the Flex Abigail in Chocolate Brown & Pink. I need an original girls shoes for my daughter.

  32. http://Cristi says

    I love the Flex Bella black and I would need for a girl.

  33. http://Elsie says

    Th e Grip-n-grow, Sadie-brown shoes are very charming, would match many pink and brown outfits!

  34. http://Becky%20M says

    I like the Flex Otis – Blank and I would need for a boy.

  35. says

    I have six grandchildren and two grandsons are under 2 years old. I would like one of the[—Navy__1500.aspx ]Original Jax Navy for one of them. Thanks. gahome2mom/gmail/com

  36. http://Amanda%20N. says

    i like the Flex Cruz – Black, Red. I would need a girl pair of Originals.

  37. http://Kelly%20B. says

    love the shoes for the little girls!

  38. http://Sarah%20Davis says

    I like the henry in chocolate brown. I’d need boys 12-18 months.

  39. says

    i love the hazel in pink. i need girls in 18-24 months

  40. http://Amanda%20Stauffer says

    The Originals Hazel in Pink are so cute! I would need girl size 18-24 months.

  41. http://Bridgett%20zaidi says

    I have twin boys and would need size 6-12 love the Jamie shoe

  42. http://Mel%20Stew says

    I love the machine washable Adrian girl shoes in Fuchsia/Light Pink! My dirt magnet kiddo needs that feature!

  43. http://Kortnie says

    I love the flex otis-brown
    I would need a boy pair

  44. http://Jodi%20J says

    I love the Sadie shoes – I’d want a pair for my baby girl

  45. http://Rachel says

    I like Originals
    Jake – Navy

    I would need boys.

  46. http://jenna%20b says

    boy original oxi brown. maybe size 4 or 5j

  47. http://414%20Moms says

    I would need a Boy pair!
    My favorite shoes are the Flex Otis – Black!! Those would look so nice on my son!!

  48. http://Bernice says

    I like the Flex Harper – Black & I would need a pair of Originals for a girl

  49. http://Vivian says

    Originals Isabella – Red for my baby girl

  50. http://Lisa%20Davis says

    I really like the flex blaz berry boots
    originals – girls

  51. http://Ashley%20C says

    I like the Originals Eva in Chocolate Brown and I would need an originals – girls


  52. says

    I like the original Jake

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  58. http://Cassie%20Smith says

    I love the Stella – Red for my little girl.

  59. http://Jenny%20Sims says

    I’d need shoes for a boy, and my favorite pedipeds are the boys’ Frederick in navy/orange.

  60. http://brooke%20t says

    Flex Daniel – Dark Brown

  61. http://Debra%20S says

    I love their shoes, YES NOT many shoes are proper for your feet- the toe boxes NOT deep or WIDE enough. NO wonder you get foot problems!!!! We have to stop cramming our kids feet into over-rounded toe boxes!! I Love their Flex shoes for the older kids! SO CUTE. The originals, I’d like the girls shoes, Sadie!

  62. http://Amy%20M says

    I love the Hazel originals (for girls:))

  63. http://Robyn%20Galloway says

    I really like the originals frederick. I would need a pair for a boy!

  64. http://Sharon%20Kaminski says

    like the flex bianca

  65. http://domestic%20diva says

    I like the Henry chocolate brown boots. I’d need boy shoes.

  66. http://Cynthia%20C says
  67. says

    Love the Christopher Navy, I would need boy

  68. http://Julie says

    love the bella flex in black ..would need for a girl

  69. http://Jessica says

    I like the Originals Betty – Hot Pink. I would need a girl pair

  70. http://Christy says

    Hazel originals for my 5 year old twin

  71. http://Paul%20T/Pauline%20T says

    I like the
    Flex Blaze – Brown boots – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

    • http://Paul%20T/Pauline%20T says

      girl pair

  72. http://Jennifer%20L says

    Isabella – Red

    Girl pair

  73. http://Susie says

    I need girls and I really like the sabrina

  74. http://Jessica%20O says

    I like the Flex Bella – Chocolate Brown and I would need girl shoes, thanks!

  75. http://Peggy says

    I like the Grip n Go Betty – Hot Pink

    • http://Peggy says

      and I will need girls shoes.

  76. http://Nicki%20Zinken says

    I simply adore the Originals, Abigail style in Purple… my daughter would look so cute in them! Girls shoes, please.

  77. http://Priscilla%20Benavides says

    I like the Originals Stella – Red baby girl’s shoes!

  78. http://Katy%20P says

    I love the Originals
    Ashton – Black- and would need a boys pair

  79. http://Stephanie%20w says

    The brown itch a little orange are super cute

  80. http://Harmony says

    I love the originals Stella in pink. Size 12 months.

  81. http://Tara%20A. says

    I would need a boy pair. I like the Originals Jamie-Black.

  82. http://Kristy%20Thiel says

    I like the Adrian in Fuchsia. Thanks for hosting!

  83. http://polly says

    girls-giselle in mid pink…need girls

  84. says

    I’m in love with the Flex Bianca in black. I’d need a girl’s original. 🙂

  85. http://BlessedCP says

    I love the fuchsia Adrian! So cute. But alas, I would need a boys, no baby girls (YET).

  86. http://Kelly%20H. says

    I love the Originals Hazel – Pink shoes. I would need a girl’s original.

  87. http://Heidi%20Daily says

    My favorite shoes are the Jordyn in white. I would need shoes for a boy.

  88. http://tamar says

    I like the Flex Cruz boots.

  89. http://Kim says

    love this–
    Grip n Go Isabella – Red
    I’d need girls

  90. http://Kristen says

    I’d like a girl’s pair. My favorite are the Dakota in Fuchsia

  91. http://Peppin says

    I like the Jake in navy.

  92. http://Kerry%20G. says

    I like the Grip n Go Hayden – Grey, Blue

    I’d like a boy pair of originals please

  93. http://clarissa says
  94. http://Judy%20chastain says

    Nice shoes with different styles

  95. http://Addison%20Kat says

    I like the Originals Isabella – Red and I would need a girl pair for my daughter

  96. http://Terri%20S. says

    I need a boy pair and I like the Originals Jett in Navy, Red.

  97. http://Melissa says

    I like the chocolate brown Vail. I’d need boys

  98. http://Nikki says

    The grip n go daisy for girls I can see why their sold out! Id need for a girl. 🙂

  99. http://Erika%20P. says

    I like the Grip n Go Naples in brown and I would need boys

  100. http://Jaclyn%20Reynolds says

    My toddler needs shoes, love these: Originals
    Hayden – Navy, Red

  101. http://Erica%20C. says

    Boy pair for us. I like the Originals Christopher Navy.

  102. http://carla%20aldrich says

    I would need a boy pair of originals. I love the Grip n Go Sadie – Brown shoes on their website!

  103. http://M says


  104. http://Tracy%20Allen says

    My favorite is the Flex Benji in Navy. I’d need boys originals. Thanks so much for offering this!

  105. http://Kari%20Flores says

    I like the Flex Sahara – Blue and I would need Originals for a boy.

  106. http://kelley%20roach says

    I like the Originals Christopher Navy.

  107. http://shawna says

    I would like the bella black.

  108. http://Valerie%20Taylor%20Mabrey says

    I like the Flex
    Spencer – Navy


  109. http://lena says

    I love the flex cruz in navy


  110. http://Peggy%20Rydzewski says

    Grip n Go Abigail – White Multi girls

  111. http://amandasue says

    I like the stella’s in pink! Girls

  112. http://Ruben%20Ramos says

    Bella black

  113. http://Hoa%20Le says

    I love the Flex Genevieve – Silver.
    I need the boy’s.

  114. http://Allie%20Dole says

    My favorite is the flex. I would want a girls Original pair.

  115. http://holly says

    i like the eva in chocolate brown…i would need girls 🙂

  116. http://Stephanie%20Larison says

    I would choose the girls, original pair.
    I love the Flex Ainsley – Black, White

  117. http://Pauline%20M says

    I love the Flex Spencer in Navy for a boy!

  118. says

    I would like two pairs of the Originals Hayden – Navy for my twin grandsons

  119. http://israel%20y says

    really like the Flex
    Elizabeth – Light Brown. i could use for a girl or a boy, i got one of each 🙂

  120. http://Connie%20Letcher says

    For a boy, Flex hayden navy

  121. http://susan%20smoaks says

    my favorite pair of shoes are the Originals
    Jones – Chiffon

  122. http://Michelle%20Tucker says

    I’d like them for a boy. I really love the Grip n Go
    Abigail – White Multi.

  123. http://carey%20p says

    LOVE the Originals Stella – Black

  124. http://Gianna says

    Hayden – Grey, Blue.

  125. http://Nicole%20C. says

    My favorite is the Originals Sadie – Navy and I would need a girl.

  126. http://Gennie%20Lancaster says

    I would need a pair for a girl and my favorite is Flex Venus – Silver, Pink

  127. http://kelley%20c says

    I like the Giselle brown for girls.


  128. http://Jenny says

    I would like a boy original and I also like the Flex Jamie brown.

  129. http://Danielle%20Wood says

    The flex benji navy is my favorite. Boy original

  130. says

    I like the Jett, in boys!

  131. http://Lisa%20L says

    I would love a girls pair for my daughter. I like the sweet Originals Isabella – Red

  132. http://kathy%20pease says

    id love a boy pair and I love the Originals
    Jones – Green

  133. http://Naomi%20Osborn says

    I’l love a boy’s pair in Originals. From the web site, I also love the Daniel in black. I love this brand.

  134. http://Donna%20A says

    The picture of the sadieNavy and the gesibele ..

  135. http://Paul%20O says

    I love the Originals Jake. we have a little boy!

  136. http://Breanne says

    Frederick – Brown, Cream – boys

  137. http://trixx says

    I’d like a pair for girls. My fave are the Originals Camille in brown

  138. http://Tonya%20Dreese says

    I would love a pair for my little boy, They are so cute. Love these shoes.

  139. http://Wendy%20McBride says

    Originals, Isabella-Red Girls. They are all super cute.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  140. http://shanta%20spradlin says

    Grip n Go
    Jamie – Black

  141. http://Andrew%20L. says

    I really like the Jake-Navy shoes..I’d like shoes for a boy.

  142. http://Saver%20Sara says

    Originals Abigail – Fuchsia

  143. http://Carmen says

    I like the Flex Ainsley – Brown, Cream. I need a girls pair.

  144. http://jeanne%20conner says

    I like the Grip n Go Hazel – Chocolate Brown
    girl style

  145. http://Alycia%20M says

    Favorite one: Originals, Frederick – Navy, Orange. They’d be for a boy!:)

  146. http://Emma%20McCauley says

    I love the Flex-Natalies, they are so cute but they look very comfy. Girl style for my princess!

  147. http://Carole%20Ingram says

    Originals Jones – Khaki – it would be for a boy 😛

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