My Head-to-Toe Fall Fashion Look From Kohl’s! $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

Confession. I think I've been to Kohl's twice. I'm not a big clothing shopper for anyone but Sawyer and I can do that online. Now, that I've lost 38 pounds buying clothing for myself has been really exciting. I'm walking away from pillow case like shirts and baggy pants. My body finally has a shape other than bubble and my husband has been really loving me out of pajama and sweat pants. Now, I … [Read more...]

Crocs Women’s Sandals {My Favorite Shoes!}

Crocs. They got a reputation from the start for having a certain look. Some even went as far as to call them ugly. I know my hubby was never a fan of my warm fuzzy mammoth shoes but man they were so warm and comfy that I never cared what he thought. Now Crocs has so many different styles of shoes. Shoes you'd never know were crocs. They no longer have that recognizable look for all their shoes but … [Read more...]

Angie Ballet Flats from Brian James Footwear {Review & #Giveaway}

I love comfy shoes. Something that looks cute is usually a bonus because I can't find slip on fast and comfort and cute in a shoe. Something always has to give and more then I'd like to admit I will take comfy and easy over cute. What if I told you that you could have all three? Meet Brian James Footwear. Brian James™ was created by Angela Edgeworth, founder of the award-wining children’s … [Read more...]

Bath & Body Works Mother’s Day VIP Tote for Mom! Giveaway!

  I'm never the early girl. I'm always chasing my tail and showing up late. Horrible. I know. Even when I'm early something will happen and I end up late. So when it comes to gift giving I like when you find a great gift that is put together without taking a ton of time to put together. If that's you and you're still scratching you're head in this last hour of shopping time for Mom make sure to … [Read more...]