Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Christmas Carol Adventure DVD & CD Available October 5, 2010

I can't believe I'm talking Christmas. I know Halloween hasn't even passed yet but you know you already have your gift list started! With little ones around they are the most fun at the holidays but often times they aren't really sure what the buzz is all about. They are confused at the term Santa and don't fully understand. With this great Christmas DVD with Dora they won't have any questions … [Read more...]

Sarah McLachlan’s Laws Of Illusion CD Now In Stores!

Sarah McLachlan just released her first CD in seven years yesterday! It's called 'Laws Of Illusion'. I love Sarah McLachlan! She has so many amazing songs under her belt it's unbelievable! You can name a song of hers and I could probably tell you a special moment in my life that it brings memories back from! Her son 'I Will Remember You' was my senior prom song. Her son 'Angel' played at a … [Read more...]

Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack CD {Review & Giveaway}

Yesterday the Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack was released! Tomorrow the movie!Did you know that in honor of this special soundtrack they are offering fans a chance to win a phone call from Sarah Jessica Parker! For more information you'll have to check here.Now I have to admit the first half of the soundtrack was great. A lot of the songs had that Bollywood feel but left you in a fun pleasant mood. … [Read more...]

Kenny Loggins – All Join In – DISNEY CD – Review!

Now, I will be honest Kenny Loggins is not a CD I would pick up any day. Truthfully is you asked me if I could name a song by him I'd have to say no. If you asked me to listen to a CD from him and I had a choice of something else again I'd tell you no.That's why I'm typing this post. One 2 One Network asked me to review his latest CD that still doesn't have a debut date yet. I wasn't asked to post … [Read more...]

Rock of Ages – Original Broadway Cast Recording – Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}

I'm an 80's girl. My name says it all! Back in the 80's if you were a Jennifer you never went by Jen, Jenn, or Jennifer it was always followed by your last initial. I was Jennifer T. mainly because there were at least 4 other Jennifer's in your class. Being born in 1981 let me experience some truly great shows! Remember Alf, Smurfs, or even Punky Brewter? We watched the 'real' My little Ponies and … [Read more...]

It’s Hip Hop, Baby! C’mon Sing and Dance with us PLUS Giveaway!

I was recently given the opportunity to review both a CD and DVD called 'Its Hip Hop Baby'. When we got it in we had a chance to first check out the CD, Fruit!. My 2 year who is addicted to his ABC'S and 123's LOVED this CD. It has 26 songs plus another 3 bonus songs!!! My son's favorites include: #11 Hip Hop Numbers, #16 Hip Hop Alphabet, and Bonus #29 Hip Hop Numbers Countdown! At first I was … [Read more...]