Once in a Blue Moon by Eileen Goude! Review!

As you know I wasn't always much of a reader until a few months ago when I discovered the Twilight Series Books. When I was done with them I had realized that I had missed reading. However, finding a book that would interest me enough to make time to read it was the problem. Shortly after the One 2 One Network had asked me if I would like to read the new book by Eileen Goudge called 'Once in a … [Read more...]

Harry Connick, Jr. – Your Songs CD – Review & Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Thanks to the One2 One Network I was recently able to check out the Harry Connick, Jr. CD called Your Songs. It was just released last Tuesday September 22, 2009. Now I'll be honest that normally this kind of music isn't my cup of tea but I thought it would be a great for a family member of mine. Well, since I've stuck it in my computer it hasn't come out. I find it rather relaxing to listen to … [Read more...]

Kenny Loggins – All Join In – DISNEY CD – Review!

Now, I will be honest Kenny Loggins is not a CD I would pick up any day. Truthfully is you asked me if I could name a song by him I'd have to say no. If you asked me to listen to a CD from him and I had a choice of something else again I'd tell you no.That's why I'm typing this post. One 2 One Network asked me to review his latest CD that still doesn't have a debut date yet. I wasn't asked to post … [Read more...]

Rock of Ages – Original Broadway Cast Recording – Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}

I'm an 80's girl. My name says it all! Back in the 80's if you were a Jennifer you never went by Jen, Jenn, or Jennifer it was always followed by your last initial. I was Jennifer T. mainly because there were at least 4 other Jennifer's in your class. Being born in 1981 let me experience some truly great shows! Remember Alf, Smurfs, or even Punky Brewter? We watched the 'real' My little Ponies and … [Read more...]

Smooshies: Make Your Own Kooky, Cuddly Creature! Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Thanks to One2One Network my kids and I recently had a chance to review Smooshies! They are the cutest funniest monster-like plush creatures that are friendly and silly looking!You can take the removable pieces and rearrange them over and over again to make a different looking creature each time.Right now you can purchase a Smooshies kit for just $9.99 and the best part is you can buy additional … [Read more...]