Wisk with Stain Spectrum ™Technology – laundry Detergent Put To The Test With my Lil’ Scientist!

Remember when I told you about the all new Wisk with Stain Spectrum ™Technology? If not click the bold and you can check out all the facts about the latest laundry detergent available!
Wisk sent us a kit that contained a lab coat for Gavin along with a cute Wisk button, and a pair of goggles. He makes a pretty cute scientist if you ask me.
The kit also contained a pipette, plastic beaker, a protein stained swatch, and of course a bottle of the all new Wisk with Stain Spectrum ™Technology!
What’s a Protein Stain you ask?
Protein stains come in many forms, suck as eggs, baby formula, and spinach, but and of course the well known grass stain!
Here is a quick video of us applying the Wisk to the protein stains.

Daddy felt the need to drive by with the lawn mower right at that moment so here is part 2:

As you can see from the ohhs and ahhs of my kids this worked like a charm! The Wisk completely knocked out the protein stain.
Here’s an up close so you can see it completely removed all the stain!
Gavin was amazed at how the water turned yucky and green!
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