Aladdin – Holiday-Themed Blank Canvas Mugs – Only $4 Great Gifts!

I had to come tell you about this great deal over at Aladdin!They have a hidden page you can't find from searching their website!It has all of their holiday-themed blank canvas mugs 50% off making them only $4!!!I am always buying coffee travel mugs as holiday gifts!I'll be taking advantage of this special sale since not only are they great cups but I can even personalize them by removing the … [Read more...]

191 Unlimited – Stylish Clothing for Men & Boys – Review & Giveaway! {closed}

Men can be difficult to shop for. Getting the gift that fits them perfectly is even harder. I love when a gift has personality and fits the person I'm shopping for perfectly! When I found 191 Unlimited I felt like I hit the jackpot! See my step brother hates those mall cookie cutter styles and loves pieces that scream originality. Of course finding something like that was close to impossible. Now … [Read more...]

Hasbro’s i-Dog AMP’d – Review & Giveaway {closed}

I know I'm an adult but I think I found my newest toy love! It is called an i-Dog. I had seen them in stores before and never really paid them any attention. Why? I didn't understand them and I thought you HAD to have an i-Pod to use an i-Dog. Little did I know you can use them with almost any music device. It comes with its own plug cables and instructions so you can quickly start groovin' … [Read more...]

Cool Computer Bags – Lola Tote Couture Pleated Laptop Tote – Review & Giveaway! {closed}

Laptops are all the rage right now! If you don't have one, you want one. If you have one you've already got you eye out for a nicer one. In any case that means you need a cute stylish way of carrying it everywhere with you and needing to keep it safe. Thank goodness for Cool Computer Bags. They've done all the searching for you from all leading brands like Built NY, Sherpani, Kenneth Cole, … [Read more...]

V. Smile Motion – Active Learning System from VTech – Review & Giveaway! { CLOSED }

If you're looking for a wireless, fun, and educational game for your kids Vtech has it! They have the V. Smile Motion game that's for kids ages 3-7 years old that not only is fun and entertaining but provides tons of educational value!V.Smile Motion™ Active Learning System Features Wireless, motion activated joystick is also for left-handed or right-handed childrenThis learning … [Read more...]

Hatley Nature – Aliens Kids Back Pack & Lunch Tote – Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Hatley is a family owned business that has quality items for the entire family.I often check out about me pages on companies. It sometimes can tell you a lot about a company. When I went to Hatley's About Us page I loved it!"Growing up in the small town of Hatley, the Oldland boys loved running naked through the woods. But the day came when Chris, Nick and Jeremy had to leave Hatley and enter the … [Read more...]

BFC Ink Doll – Best Friends Club Ink. Stick Together, Friends Forever Review

Are your girls looking for new dolls that not only have style but have a story too? You need to check out BFC Ink Dolls aka The Best Friends Club Ink Dolls! These dolls all have names: Kaitlin, Addison, Calista, Aliesha, and Noelle. They each have their own story on who they are and what they like! Have twin girls? They would love Noelle and Aliesha as they to are twin sisters! These dolls are … [Read more...]

Dwell Studio – NEW BEAUTIFUL Sparrow Lilac Weekender Bag – Review & Giveaway!

From the moment that I saw the Sparrow Lilac Weekender at Dwell Studios I loved it. Since we have the condo in Fort Myers, FL I know we're going to be traveling a lot more now! My luggage is okay, but lacking style. We have one set and if all four of us go we struggle to figure out who gets what bag. I wanted my own bag and I knew this had to be the one. My normal luggage doesn't have any ID … [Read more...] – Big Belly Dinosaur Bank – Giveaway! { CLOSED }

Vat19 is a company I discovered when I first started blogging. I signed up for their newsletter as I was interested in learning about the company and such. I looked through their products and did all the typical things you do to get to know a company. Or so you would think.Vat19 has one of the best personalities for a website that I have ever seen. No doubt they can sometimes be a bit bunt or raw, … [Read more...]