BFC Ink Doll – Best Friends Club Ink. Stick Together, Friends Forever Review

Are your girls looking for new dolls that not only have style but have a story too? You need to check out BFC Ink Dolls aka The Best Friends Club Ink Dolls!
These dolls all have names: Kaitlin, Addison, Calista, Aliesha, and Noelle.
They each have their own story on who they are and what they like! Have twin girls? They would love Noelle and Aliesha as they to are twin sisters! These dolls are not only hip, fashionable, and crazy cute but they are CRAZY priced! All these dolls are quality made and come with a handful of items related to each dolls character. Not like other dolls that break the bank. You can afford to purchase ALL these dolls for price of one of their dolls and an extra outfit!

These BFC Ink Dolls may be new but they are already making waves in the awards category!
Disney’s Family Fun just named them one of 2009 Best Toy of the Year!
Here’s what they had to say about these awesome dolls: 

“Our testers were first drawn to the 18-inch-tall, articulated BFC (Best Friends Club) dolls because of their looks. But when they saw the plethora of extras — two fashionable outfits, a version of the classic cootie catcher game, and a journal that includes fun questionnaires — they became friends forever. Three different dolls available.”


Not only are these dolls available in the 18″ size but they are regular 11″ as well!
They come at an amazingly affordable price and comes with so many great accessories! Of course each doll still comes with a membership card making each little girl a true BFC Ink Member!

We received the 18″ Addison Doll to review. I love how not only do get this fabulous doll but you get all her things with her. She comes with a second complete outfit, a backpack type purse, an official members card, a journal for you to fill out (complete with lock & key!), and a classic cootie catcher game! You’ll also receive a code giving you additional BFC Ink Privileges online! Addison herself is 18″ tall she has long brown hair that can be played with and styled. I wish she came with a brush. She comes in a removable outfit, shoes, and earrings! All of her limbs can move adding to more fun during play. Her knees can bend as well, elbows cannot.Who is Addison?
She is Addison Jackson! She is tall, with long stylish hair. She is an atheletic skater. She lives at home with her Mom and Dad, and her boring brothers Josh and Jake! I am the Events Coordinator when it comes to her BFF’s BFC Inc Club! She arranges all the sleepovers, club ceremonies, parties, and anything else fun!

She is a very quality made doll. I cannot believe that this doll and ALL of her accessories are only $29.00 It just doesn’t seem possible!
You can find all of these dolls at both Walmart and Target!

You can purchase these dolls only on

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  1. cindy says

    where can i find clothes to fit my 18 inch bfc doll

  2. felicity says

    i cant get into the fun and games?

  3. rose smart says

    i love bfc doll but how i buy that doll any one tell me

  4. jessica z says

    i love the bfc club i even have a doll:kaitlin!!!!!!!!!!

    • lovely siddhi says

      I love kaitlin and calista… don’t you love I love her so much.. Katlin .

  5. Scarlet says

    I love the dolls but where can we buy them APART from Amazon?

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