BFC Ink. 18″ Large Doll Set – Review and Giveaway!

I first discovered BFC, Ink. last year when I did a review for them. I gave the Kaitlin doll blow to my niece for Christmas and she absolutely loved the doll. If you haven't discovered them yet you need to. The best part about these dolls other then how adorable they are is the price! You can pick up one of these great 18" dolls for around $30-$35 each! Plus, for this great price you get far … [Read more...]

BFC Ink Doll – Best Friends Club Ink. Stick Together, Friends Forever Review

Are your girls looking for new dolls that not only have style but have a story too? You need to check out BFC Ink Dolls aka The Best Friends Club Ink Dolls! These dolls all have names: Kaitlin, Addison, Calista, Aliesha, and Noelle. They each have their own story on who they are and what they like! Have twin girls? They would love Noelle and Aliesha as they to are twin sisters! These dolls are … [Read more...]