Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Doll Giveaway!

Last year was my first experience with Moxie Girlz. I have seen several styles since. This year I was introduced to the Magic Snow Collection! This Christmas and winter you can bring fashionable dolls to your girls perfect for the season. Moxie Girlz are ready to go with all their magic snow! Even with the new style I love that these dolls are always fashionable, up to today's look, but always … [Read more...]

Moxie Girlz – Hip, Fashionable Dolls! Review & Giveaway!

When I was growing up I loved dolls. However now that I'm older it seemed like whenever I went searching for dolls for my niece it was either those same dolls or these trashy dolls that I would never want my niece to be inspired by. I love that Moxie Girlz is all about being hip with today's style but also sending a message about being you and inspiring yourself to dream big. I love that their … [Read more...]

Karito Kids – 21 Inch Poseable Doll! Review & Giveaway! {closed}

During the holidays its easy to find great gifts that children love. However finding great gifts that truly inspire reading, imagination, caring, and giving values in children is not.When I heard about Karito Kids I was truly inspired! Their dolls come with so much more then a doll! Yes, you get a gorgeous doll that your child will love but she comes with a story to tell. Not just on her box … [Read more...]

BFC Ink Doll – Best Friends Club Ink. Stick Together, Friends Forever Review

Are your girls looking for new dolls that not only have style but have a story too? You need to check out BFC Ink Dolls aka The Best Friends Club Ink Dolls! These dolls all have names: Kaitlin, Addison, Calista, Aliesha, and Noelle. They each have their own story on who they are and what they like! Have twin girls? They would love Noelle and Aliesha as they to are twin sisters! These dolls are … [Read more...]