Aladdin – Holiday-Themed Blank Canvas Mugs – Only $4 Great Gifts!

I had to come tell you about this great deal over at Aladdin!
They have a hidden page you can’t find from searching their website!
It has all of their holiday-themed blank canvas mugs 50% off making them only $4!!!
I am always buying coffee travel mugs as holiday gifts!
I’ll be taking advantage of this special sale since not only are they great cups but I can even personalize them by removing the bottom and putting in my own design!
This offer was told to all their facebook fans!
If you’re not a fan yet you can click HERE!
Next time you’ll be in the know just like me!
Oh! And if you spend $20 the FREE SHIPPING still applies!
So for $20 you can get FIVE gifts out of the way including shipping!
Let’s talk great gifts for teachers, coaches, bus drivers, co-workers, etc!

So click HERE to access the hidden page and buy up these great deals before they are all gone!

**I bought 7 cups and my complete total order came to $28 even!
Teacher gifts & Co-workers -DONE!
Click HERE for their online template!

Sale runs until Christmas….or they run out 😉

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