Hatley Nature – Aliens Kids Back Pack & Lunch Tote – Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Hatley is a family owned business that has quality items for the entire family.

I often check out about me pages on companies. It sometimes can tell you a lot about a company. When I went to Hatley’s About Us page I loved it!

Growing up in the small town of Hatley, the Oldland boys loved running naked through the woods. But the day came when Chris, Nick and Jeremy had to leave Hatley and enter the real world where public nudity just wasn’t understood. To be accepted the boys combined their love for nature with comfortable clothing, and the Hatley line was born!Our mission is to help “get clothes to nature” – to get any closer you’d have to be naked!”

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We were sent a lunch tote and backpack for Gavin to test out from the awesome Aliens Collection. We absolutely LOVE them. We also have our eye on the super cute Aliens Kids Rain Coat. They are very well made and durable. They can easily be spot cleaned or machine washed. This is great because kids can really do some damage to this as they are used on a daily basis.

The lunch tote is average size and has the same great fabric that the backpack does. It has an adjustable velcro straps to hold any size thermos and a net pocket for snacks. This is incredibly easy to clean as the lovely daycare that watches Gavin for 4 hours a week took his left over mac & cheese and put it back in without attaching the cover. I was so upset thinking first use and its already ruined. I didn’t even have to machine wash it. I simply used the kitchen sponge. The net pocket now also holds a note telling them to attach lids LOL!

As you can see below this child’s backpack fits Gavin perfectly. I probably should have taken the photo after I adjusted the straps to him as it is adjustable and it now sits on him properly. I really like this bag as it separates everything nicely for us. In the large pocket is his folder that is required for school. Backpacks are required to be large enough to fit a folder. At first I was nervous getting a backpack from the internet because you can’t really tell if they will fit. What’s great about this one is that it is large enough to fit the folder but not too big for him! Inside the large part is also the lunch tote you see above. This also holds spare clothes. Since he’s still only 3 accidents can occasionally happen so the school requires an extra change of clothing. Most backpacks only have one area that opens up, this one has a second area. In the front pocket area it has multiple holding areas where I can easily store a to go package of sanitizer wipes and a snack. It has a spot that could also nicely hold a school ID and library card. The pocket is deep so if needed you could pack it full of stuff.
I have no doubt that this bag will not only last through the rest of his preschool years but get him off to a good start at grade school as well! Plus, when these great backpacks are only $29.99 That’s a huge savings since I have had to purchase Johnny a new one each year because his $20 bags couldn’t last!
Hatley Nature has offered one J. Leigh Designz reader a Kids Back Pack and Lunch Tote for your little one!

Congrats Tj and Amy

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