Cook’s Ham! A Christmas Tradition! Giveaway! {closed}

The Christmas Ham. It's an icon if you think about it. You don't make chicken or turkey you always have ham. Making sure your ham is great tasting starts with picking the right ham. Make sure yours is a Cook's Ham!Choosing a good quality ham can be difficult and Cook's knows this. They make sure to only take the best quality meats! You must also visit their website as they have helpful kitchen … [Read more...]

Flirty Aprons – Fashionably Stylish Aprons – Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Every woman wants to look good even when they are slaving over a hot stove. I found the cutest apron's from Flirty Aprons and I'm so excited to share them with you. I could easily create an apron obsession after getting my Flirty Apron. I'm not a small girl by any means, not big-but not small, but aprons generally make me feel bigger since they wrap at the waist. This apron does it all right in … [Read more...]

Littlest Pet Shop – Cozy Care Adoption Center

If your kids haven't discovered The Littlest Pet Shop yet you must be living in a cave! I see these everywhere lately and I see children swarming around them. With their cute adorable little faces who really can resist? You can start your collection off small or big! With prices starting at just $4.99 they are affordable too! Plus, they make great stocking stuffers! The newest little spot in town … [Read more...]

Safety 1st® Complete Air™ Convertible Car Seat with Air Protect™ Side Impact Technology – Review & Giveaway! {closed}

There are so many choices when it comes to car seats. They are different brands, different styles, different looks - you name it! I remember when I first set out to get my first car seat I felt extremely overwhelmed. They all said that they provided the same features but the prices were all over the place and I couldn't understand it. Normally when products come in my husband could careless. Make … [Read more...]

Second Round Of MISTLETOE MADNESS Winners!!

Just a reminder that since Dee and I are in this together we would announce winners together!So with SEVEN contests to announce - Here we go!Kidorable Umbrella~694 comments~sweetsuePrince Lionheart Wipes Warmer~470 comments~AliciaTeacher Frame~198 comments~The Allen FamilySprig Dolphin Explorer Boat~644 comments~DanaStrider Balance Bike~930 comments~AnonymousPlay-Doh Burger Builder~556 … [Read more...]

KURU – World’s Most Anatomical Active Footwear- Womens Rapid Shoes – Review!

Up until recently I hadn't hear of the Kuru Footwear. I read how they were extremely comfortable walking shoes. I thought I'd have to give them a try myself. I visited their website and liked their selection of Men's and Women's Walking Shoes. My favorite pair was their Chocolate Chicane's! They seem like they's be great for travel or hiking!From the selection I was given I chose their Womens … [Read more...]

Karito Kids – 21 Inch Poseable Doll! Review & Giveaway! {closed}

During the holidays its easy to find great gifts that children love. However finding great gifts that truly inspire reading, imagination, caring, and giving values in children is not.When I heard about Karito Kids I was truly inspired! Their dolls come with so much more then a doll! Yes, you get a gorgeous doll that your child will love but she comes with a story to tell. Not just on her box … [Read more...]

International Playthings – Marble Run with Motorized Elevator – Review & Giveaway {CLOSED}

International Playthings is a site that bring toys that bring imagination to play. With over 40 years of experience they have brands your family already loves, knows, and trusts! Some of their brands are:Calico CrittersiplayMighty WorldYookidooTaGgiesWild ScienceQuercettiViking Toysand those are just some of them!Their toys average in age from newborns up to around eight years old. They have a … [Read more...]

Gotta Catch Santa Claus – Christmas DVD – Review & Giveaway! {closed}

I love holiday movies. I love that they don't get worn out from watching them year round. We always take all our holiday books and movies and pack them away with our Christmas supplies. When I was offered the chance to review the 'Gotta Catch Santa Claus' DVD I quickly accepted! I am a big fan of William Shatner so I was loving him in this holiday kids movie! This movie completely entertained my … [Read more...]