Back to School with POLLY-O/Kraft and Crayola Big Prize Pack Giveaway! #KRAFTStringCheeseB2S

Can you believe it is September already? My boys still haven't started school yet and I swear they are the last ones to return. Gavin is less then thrilled about school lunch so we make sure to pack him a lunch he can bring in each day. I like making sure he has healthy options that are easy to eat and mess free.  We love including cheese sticks and with POLLY-O there are FOUR varieties that make … [Read more...]

French Toast Official School Uniform Wear! Cute & Fashionable! 2 Piece Outfit Giveaway!

  School Uniforms seems to be growing more and more popular these days. Not only are they becoming a standard but when when I recently walked into a leading children's store I was surprised to see how this year a lot of outfits are even being styled around school uniforms. French Toast doesn't just sell school uniform pieces but official pieces that school approve of. If you have to put in a code … [Read more...]

Umi Shoes For Back 2 School! Review & Giveaway!

When it comes time to go back to school I swear my head starts spinning. It seems the boys need so much that it's easily able to forget about something. Shoes are usually one of the last things we think about and I really need to stop that because we end up with the picked over shoes everyone else skipped over. That- or I need to start turning to websites like Umi Shoes that are always in stock … [Read more...]

Perfect Gift for Teachers! Stock Up on Summer School Supply Sales!

I love making sure my gifts are exactly what the receiver wants. One gift that I always get a great response from is my preschool gifts. Every year when Walmart & Target have all the back 2 school stuff on sale I hit them up hard. I buy TONS of supplies and stick them aside. Since all of the supplies are only around $.25 it's really easy to get everything for under $10. I then picked up a … [Read more...]