InGenuity Pembrook Smart & Simple Playard Review & Giveaway!

When it comes time to start putting together all the needs of a baby it can become rather overwhelming, believe me I know. When I found out I was pregnant with Sawyer it was like starting all over again. There were so many options and so many designs. Baby gear had come a long way and there were so many bells and whistles on everything. What happens though when you don't want to pay $200 on a … [Read more...]

How to Deal With A Crying Baby…

Have you dealt with a crying baby before? I'm sure you have as all babies cry but have you dealt with a baby that cries all.the.time? Until recently I would have had to say no. However, over the past couple of weeks Sawyer has gone from just sad at times... To screaming his pretty little head off. At first it was something I was able to handle. Now, it's starting to wear me down. It's … [Read more...]

TinyLove Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile Review & Giveaway!

Babies are expensive. For such little bundles it's amazing how much they require. One thing I've learned through having a few kids is that products that can grow with your child are key. Not only is it cost effective but it helps cut down on the clutter. We all know how much clutter a baby can come with. Since Sawyer was born I feel like our home has shrunk in size because we are always stepping … [Read more...]

Tea Collection $100 Gift Card Giveaway and Review!

Gavin just started getting into picking out his own clothes this past year. Previous to that he would wear whatever you handed him or what ever he found first. About a year ago we discovered Tea Collection clothing and Gavin just loved the items we picked out for him. The salamander shirt was soon a hit and was one of his most worn shirts last summer. Since then we have been huge fans of the … [Read more...]

Swaddle Designs- Wearable Blankets! Review & Giveaway! $75 Value!

Swaddle Designs is a company I've worked with several times since 2009. It's a company I fell in love with immediately as the fabrics are all so luxuriously soft. When I had a chance to see, touch, and drool over all their products at the ABC Expo I was able to see that it's not just some products that have this feel but all their products do! One of the very first items I received from them was … [Read more...]

Sawyer’s Transportation Themed Nursery

Originally I planned on doing this big reveal and going through the room in detail and giving credit to some of the sponsors of my favorite products. Then the day before I did it I went into labor and now that Sawyer is here time is just slipping away. I wanted to make sure to share as promised so here is his room. These were taken 2 days before he was born and looks the same for the most part … [Read more...]

Zutano Newborn Footie Review & $75 Gift Card Giveaway!

I've worked with Zutano several times over the course of the years and have loved their clothing from the start. I was even able to browse their entire collection when I went to the ABC Kids Expo last year. Their fun prints and great quality make them great choices.  When Sawyer's arrival was coming close I was excited to finally have a baby to try out their baby clothes. When I went looking … [Read more...]

Boppy Way To Go Travel Products {Review & Giveaway} $75 Value!

One product you can find me using for all my boys is from The Boppy Company. From the moment they came home I was able to use the Boppy Pillow to place them down safely and leave them in a way they still felt held. Sure, it's also an amazing breastfeeding pillow. Regardless of how you feed them it's a must have with any baby as it turns into a great place to place baby. In the past 10 years of … [Read more...]

Pembrook InGenuity Cradle & Sway Swing {Review & Giveaway}

There is a reason this swing is the first product in my 'Welcome Home Sawyer' event and that's because this has been my go to product since Sawyer has been home. It actually arrived while I was in the hospital and my oldest son put it together for me so it would be ready before I got home. I never heard any complaints from them so I'm assuming it was simple to put together. I have had swings in … [Read more...]