Sawyer’s Transportation Themed Nursery

Originally I planned on doing this big reveal and going through the room in detail and giving credit to some of the sponsors of my favorite products. Then the day before I did it I went into labor and now that Sawyer is here time is just slipping away. I wanted to make sure to share as promised so here is his room. These were taken 2 days before he was born and looks the same for the most part just with more clothing.

 Here is the view when you walk into his room. It’s technically the master bathroom to our bedroom that we never finished. It works though. So we went with it and for now it lets our kids all have their own room. Of course in a year or so we’ll have to come up with a plan.

For right now we’re not using his crib as I want him right beside my bed. I do place him in here after I change his diaper and need to wash my hands. He loves his mobile and as long as the music is going I’m able to get stuff done.

And, yes, I know bumpers are frowned upon but it’s my choice to have one and really don’t want the comments on it. Thanks.

When you look to the left this is one side of his room. The first closet has all his clothes and below is all the products I’ve either reviewed, won, or bought that we’ll need in the first 12 months. The back closet is everything 12+ months. It also houses all our luggage and gift wrapping supplies, and some baby products I don’t plan on using.

Here’s another angle. I made it more the playroom side. I plan on putting a gate over the second closet entrance and laying down a small play rug or foam puzzle pieces.

Here is the other side of the room. This is the side I’m always in. It’s where the majority of the furniture is and where I keep the rest of his “supplies”.


I love the wall stickies. Since it will be our master bathroom we don’t want to invest on paint or flooring. These (IMO) really took the room to the next level and pull it all together!

Hope you liked his room! We really liked how it turned out!


  1. Oh I just love his little room! You’ve done such a great job with it all. GORGEOUS!!

  2. Jenny says

    It looks great!

  3. Katie S says

    That’s the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen! Haha. That’s going to be one awesome bathroom. Anyway, his furniture is gorgeous and seeing this is making me think, “What else do I still need for my little one’s room?” We’re moving this weekend and the nursery will have to be one of the last rooms I get around to setting up since baby isn’t due until July!

  4. You’ve done a fantastic job with his room, and what’s wrong with bumpers? I had bumpers for my kids and they’re all fine. Hmmmm Girlfriend you’re the Mom and you do what you see fit – don’t listen to what other people say. I truly believe that Mom’s have an instinct about their babies that is something is wrong they know about it or at least have an inkling. Do you remember or ever hear about Dr. Spock’s book? Many threw that thing up in my face when my babies were born. Well Dr. Spock says this & Dr. Spock says that & then there’s the Grandmother syndrome where, “Well, I didn’t do that with you kids when you were born, but go ahead and do what you want”! lol Girlfriend, you’re doing a great job! HEY WANNA ADOPT ME! I’d love to have a room decorated by you! So what are we putting on the floor? Is it picked out?

  5. I love it, the room is adorable, at this point we dont have a room ready or even close, but when it comes to what we will need, the back part of our garage is packed with baby stuff! So now I dont feel so weird, I have friends that come by and see all of the baby stuff and think I am crazy since I still have a little ways to go. I have more than my friends who are ready to pop, my diaper stock is one my friends are actually impressed with, they say they wish that they had thought about stocking up from the time they found out they were pregnant 🙂

  6. It all looks amazing!

  7. Awe, how sweet is that! Lovely baby nursery.

  8. It came together so nicely! Love it and yes the wall stickies look fantastic 🙂

  9. I love the furniture!

  10. Shana Putnam says

    I love it. That looks wonderful!!

  11. I love those rocking chairs!! Perfect for late night feeds and early morning cuddles!

  12. You did a fantastic job on the nursery!!

  13. Such a cute little boy’s room! It’s huge! I think it’s bigger than my kitchen and living room combined, lol!

  14. It’s just the cutest! Don’t you just love to hang out in there and rock him?

  15. very cute!!!

  16. Katie says

    very cute!

  17. You did a great job making a warm and welcoming room. I like the wall stickies.

  18. Everything is so cute and precious! You did a wonderful job.

  19. I love it. Looks like its came a long way and I bet that boy is happy, even though he can’t talk yet.

  20. It looks great – all came together wonderfully! And I agree, the wall stickers are a perfect non-permanent solution.

  21. Katy says

    You did a great job. I love the color scheme and the wall art. Very boyish!

  22. Very cute!! Reminds me, I need to decorate my rooms!

  23. posh says

    Oh wow! That is really cool!

    Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

  24. That looks awesome!

  25. Rebecca Orr says

    Looks great!!!

  26. I love the wall decals. So cute! I love the sailboats. It was the theme I used for Boogie’s room. Wall stickies would have made it easier 🙂

  27. I love it!!! Looks like Little Sawyer is set on stuff for a while!

  28. I think it came together really well. I know you said you didn’t want comments on the bumper, but my comment isn’t negative or criticizing. You have him close to you, so it’s ok. Plus you said that he’s right by your bed right now anyhow, again, it’s ok. They make the crib look so cute!

    It’s nice having that extra space to store bigger sized things.

  29. It’s lovely.

  30. SO nice!! You did a great job!!

  31. maryann says

    really looks great. job well done.

  32. Awww, cute!!

  33. Such a lovely room for a lovely young boy 🙂
    I’m sure he appreciates his own room in his own special way-You really did such a fabulous job with the time you were given!

  34. Great job, Our little one has the same giraffe.

  35. It looks like a great room for a little boy. I adore the plane stickers also.
    I had a glider like the one in your nursery, too… aren’t they the greatest? I could sit and snuggle with my little boys for hours in it when they were infants, or feed them in it. Then when they got a little older, it was our favorite spot to read in.
    What a great room for that beautiful little man. =)

  36. Christine M says

    I love his room its so cute. And I know you said don’t comment on the bumpers but I love them! It is the cutest bedroom set for a sweet baby boy!

  37. Amy says

    It looks amazing!! Everything is perfect!

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