B2B: Corner Stork Baby Gifts & More Giveaway!

Gavin was born in the summertime so when it came to finding a costume for him it wasn't the easiest thing. While many of the costumes were absolutely adorable they were impractical as they weren't comfortable for him at all. Finding an outfit that was close to his everyday wear was a great idea but nearly impossible to find. Now at Corner Stork Baby Gifts & More has a bunch of adorable … [Read more...]

B2B: $75 Zutano Gift Card Giveaway!

I first worked with Zutano two and a half years ago and I've been a fan ever since. I love the bright fun colors and cute styles that they carry. They go as small as newborn and preemie and all the way up to toddler. Of course since it's been a while since I've been in the market for baby clothes I was quickly lost in all the pages. Of course since I'm not sure just yet of what I'm having I am … [Read more...]

B2B: Tea Collection $100 Gift Card Giveaway!

I was first introduced to Tea Collection in the spring. From the first moment the children's clothing I purchased for Gavin arrived I was in love. Not only did I love the fact that I liked the clothing but I loved that Gavin did too! Many of the photos I've shared of him since have had one of these shirts on! You may even recognize that salamander one as it's one of his favorites and he wears it … [Read more...]

B2B: Carter’s Safari Sky Nursery Collection! Review & Gift Card Giveaway!

One company I have always loved when it came to my babies is Carter's. Even 10 years ago when I was having Johnny their clothing was something I could always count on for quality and cuteness. Now, that I'm pregnant with baby #3 I of course knew that Carter's would be a brand that I would want for this baby. I learned the hard way after the last two boys that it really does pay sometimes to get … [Read more...]

B2B: For Your Bug-a-Boo Review & $30 Gift Card Giveaway!

Sometimes when I start thinking about all the things I'm going to need for this baby my head starts spinning. I've seen all the regular mall stores carry and what I've learned from blogging is that some of my favorite items aren't available there. I've learned how much fun some of the smaller online stores like For Your Bug-a-Boo is. They carry top of the line items in many different … [Read more...]

B2B: Infantino Baby Prize Pack! Five Toy Giveaway!

I am so excited about this pregnancy. I can't wait for all the fun things in store with this baby. I know my boys can't wait either. They are going to want to play with this baby right away. Of course baby won't be able to play for a little bit, but there will be ways for them to "play" with baby without actually playing. Infantino provides me with so many options and some of them are right from … [Read more...]

Giving Our Kids Tylenol

I got a phone call today. It was the school nurse and Johnny wanted Tylenol. He banged his leg on the playground and the ice was cutting it for him. I gave written consent to the school but told them I still wanted to give oral consent on a case by case basis. The nurse told me that he banged his leg over the weekend and the playground hit made it hurt more then ice can handle. I told her no. I … [Read more...]

Kolcraft TurtleTot Activity Center Giveaway!

  I still can't believe I'm finally pregnant. I have to pinch myself sometimes because it just seems so surreal to me. Now, that it has finally happened it leaves my mind racing on all things we are going to need. It's not just us either. I'm still looking to go back to work from being unemployed this year and I have two family members that share the duties of watching the boys and will be … [Read more...]

JJ Cole Diapers and Wipes Pod Review & Giveaway!

As you know from all my previous reviews of JJ Cole Collections that I absolutely love the brand. With all the products I've reviewed from them there isn't one I don't like, in fact there aren't even any complaints about them either. Do you remember my review of the Mode Tote Diaper Bag? This bag has remained my #1 Diaper Bag through all the bags I've reviewed from all brands. It's not too big, … [Read more...]