#LatteLove Twitter Party with @MilkMustache {Great Prizes} Join US!

It's no secret I love to start off every morning with a coffee. I need the kick start in the morning and sometimes one at night as well. Every now and then I like to treat myself to something special though. Something like a latte. How does a nice chat, a latte, and some good prizes sound? Well, during nap time here on the east coast and maybe a late morning coffee on the west coast you can come … [Read more...]

The National Pork Board #ChopInspiration Twitter Party TONIGHT! Join Us For A Chance To Win!

Two things my family loves- the grill & pork. So when summer rolls around we jump at the opportunity to grill our pork. I know you can grill year round but we wait until the snow has cleared to pull our grill out so it's definitely a must have on our shopping lists these days. Of course there are so many other ways from baking, frying, and even slow cooking your pork and you can bet we do it … [Read more...]

Firing Up the Grill’ with Celebrity Chef George Duran #ConAgraFoods Follow-Up with Video!

I was so glad to be invited to participate in last week's chat. While we love being outdoors and using the grill truth be told we aren't good at using it or being daring enough to try new things. Being able to participate in the chat definitely gave me so many new ideas, tips, and recipes! Lucky for you they saved the chat and you can see it all! We had a great group of ladies with us as well … [Read more...]

‘Firing Up the Grill’ with Celebrity Chef George Duran #ConAgraFoods

I am so happy we are able to start putting away the shovels and begin pulling out the grills. We love the warm weather and can't wait until it arrives. Unfortunately here in Massachusetts we still have a little bit to go before we can be sure that we can keep the shovels away- believe it or not we just got snow here on Saturday! I'm not the one who grills in this house and we generally cut back … [Read more...]

New Mom Beauty Tips #PGBeauty with P&G Beauty Product Giveaway!

As you know I just had a baby. While I'm not looking to be smokin' hot every time I walk out the door but I wouldn't mind looking somewhat put together. On a rough day when I just needed to run the the grocery store I used to be able to just throw on a pair of jeans and go but now. Well, um, now I am a walking disaster. You can tell I'm living off hardly any sleep and that taking a flat iron to my … [Read more...]

Our Listerine Oral Care Challenge #healthyhabits

Last month my family received an Oral Care Challenge kit from Listerine. It contained many of the products needed to maintain good oral hygiene that is so important in overall health. When you think about it it's actually amazing just how much oral care health plays a role in the health of the rest of our body. Even during my pregnancy I made sure that even though my check up landed in my eight … [Read more...]

Listerine Healthy Habits for a Lifetime Oral Care Challenge #healthyhabits

As an adult its my responsibility to make sure my kids understand how important oral care is. They visit the dentist every six months and brush daily. What I haven't been good at is making sure they floss and use mouthwash. All very important steps in oral care. Steps I haven't been good at encouraging my children to do. Since they have a good routine down with the brushing we've taking this oral … [Read more...]

Join Me – Facebook Chat with Kodak & Bonnie Marcus! #KodakHoliday

Got an hour tonight to hang? Then why not join me for chat around Holiday Cards! What: A Facebook Chat called Holiday Cards 101 – Gifting and giving back. The chat is the second of a two-part series, sponsored by Kodak. When: Thursday, December 8, at 8 p.m. ET.  It will last 1 hour. Where: Kodak’s Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/Kodak; There will be a tab on the side of the page: Chat … [Read more...]

Tween Academy Recap & Vera Bradley Bag, Unilever, & More Giveaway #DontFretTheSweat

Last week I co-hosted the first of four classes for the Tween Academy with host Rosalind Wiseman on TheMotherhood. Each class also has several selected bloggers to help with the chat. We're all Mom's of tweens and/or teens ourselves and we're adding to the talk. If you have a child in this age bracket I recommend heading over to the remainder of the classes. They are useful and helpful. If you … [Read more...]