Tween Academy #DontFretTheSweat [Join Me!]

This year Johnny turns 11. He's in the 5th grade. That alone should tell you where we are with the dramatics. Everything is becoming a big deal. Last year was the beginning of the changes but this year it's on and it's strong. I try to do all I can to be support and help him realize and distinguish the things that are important and the ones that he shouldn't bother with. It's the first year in … [Read more...]

The Most Memorable S’mores Face! #Smores

I can't believe we're in the last month of summer! It feels like just yesterday I was counting down the days until the boys were out of school. Now we're counting the days we have left. We love making the most out of every moment and often ends our days with a nice fire in the backyard. To the kids though it is not just a fire. The moment they see their Dad start gathering wood they are in the … [Read more...]

Can you Say S’mores? Check Out Hershey’s Facebook Contest!

I am so excited that the official start of summer is almost here. With all the snow we received this winter I have been looking forward to this warm weather for so long. When I think of summer one of the first thoughts I have is my family around a fire making s'mores. As I've already shared with you in past posts we make s'mores every Friday and Saturday night. It has become a family tradition … [Read more...]