Capture Holiday Memories With Shutterfly! $50 Giveaway!

Many are in shock about how early all the Christmas stuff is coming this year. We already see the commercials and here I am on the subject myself but I am so excited. I love this time of year and I love all the decorating and family time involved around the holidays. I love so much about it. The moment fall rolls around I hit the basement and pull out the decor. Once the house is all put together … [Read more...]

Join Me – Facebook Chat with Kodak & Bonnie Marcus! #KodakHoliday

Got an hour tonight to hang? Then why not join me for chat around Holiday Cards! What: A Facebook Chat called Holiday Cards 101 – Gifting and giving back. The chat is the second of a two-part series, sponsored by Kodak. When: Thursday, December 8, at 8 p.m. ET.  It will last 1 hour. Where: Kodak’s Facebook page –; There will be a tab on the side of the page: Chat … [Read more...]

Goosie Personalized Photo Flash Cards Review & Giveaway!

I love fun personalized products! What I love even more is when they can be educational or helpful in other ways too! Goosie Cards are all of that in one. What are Goosie Cards you ask, right? I thought the same thing when this showed up in my inbox. Well, I promise they are worth taking the time to check them out. They are personalized photo flash cards. You can put photos of anything you want on … [Read more...]

10 Holiday Tips I Try To Follow

I can't believe the holiday season is approaching so quickly! I've started learning their are tricks to staying on top of things and believe me when I say I need all the tips and tricks to manage to pull the holidays off smoothly. 1. Clear Out Around this time I go through the kids rooms. I remove all the toys they are no longer using and pull out all the clothing they are no longer fitting … [Read more...]

Tiny Prints Holiday Christmas Cards Rock!

  Last year I nailed our Christmas Cards. I really put a lot of effort into the photos and made sure that the photos and the card I chose went together. Sometimes having just the perfect photo doesn't make the perfect card. Find the card that perfectly suits that photos is key to bringing the whole look you are going all together. This year I want to do something sweet and simple. I want to get … [Read more...]

The Gallery Collection Has Beautiful Holiday Cards This Season! Gift Bag Ensemble Giveaway!

Not only do I like sending Holiday Cards from a personal standpoint but I also love sending them from a professional one. I think that saying thank you to the people who stood by you as a loyal customer or maybe a loyal vendor is a great way to show you value the relationship they have with your business. However sending a photo card with your kids or family pet may not be that appropriate. You … [Read more...]

Shutterfly – How to Make Your Personalized Holiday Cards Review

As you know I love to make my own cards. However, it seems like time always prevents me from doing so. If I can't make them I still don't want to go out and buy a package of commercialized cards. Id I have to buy cards I still want them to reflect me or my family. The best way to do this is photo cards. Many people think the process is long and difficult- but it isn't! In fact it is super easy and … [Read more...]

Holiday Cards- Be Ready This Year With Shutterfly

Can you believe its really only three weeks until we all kick in to Holiday mode? Where did 2010 go? We have a huge Christmas list and I love sending cards to everyone. Some its the only in mail I exchange with family. I love a Christmas Card like this Joy Magic Story Christmas 5x7 folded card from Shutterfly! I absolutely adore the inside of this card just as much as the outside! What a great way … [Read more...]

Printable Father’s Day Card for Dad From Ninetendo Wii! Punch Out!

(Cover)(inside)For a fun-packed Father’s Day, neckties and golf balls just don’t cut it anymore. That’s why Nintendo is sharing this downloadable and printable Father’s Day card featuring characters from Punch-Out!! for the Wii console. Wouldn't this be the perfect card to go with the perfect present?Make sure to pick up one of Nintendo Wii's newest, hottest game. From the classic NES … [Read more...]