LIVE CHAT: Sesame Street Workshop Thursday 4/26 7pm EST HERE

Come join me tonight RIGHT HERE for a live chat! . … [Read more...]

Firing Up the Grill’ with Celebrity Chef George Duran #ConAgraFoods Follow-Up with Video!

I was so glad to be invited to participate in last week's chat. While we love being outdoors and using the grill truth be told we aren't good at using it or being daring enough to try new things. Being able to participate in the chat definitely gave me so many new ideas, tips, and recipes! Lucky for you they saved the chat and you can see it all! We had a great group of ladies with us as well … [Read more...]

‘Firing Up the Grill’ with Celebrity Chef George Duran #ConAgraFoods

I am so happy we are able to start putting away the shovels and begin pulling out the grills. We love the warm weather and can't wait until it arrives. Unfortunately here in Massachusetts we still have a little bit to go before we can be sure that we can keep the shovels away- believe it or not we just got snow here on Saturday! I'm not the one who grills in this house and we generally cut back … [Read more...]