Eleven Months Old {Sawyer James}

I've waited til the last possible moment to post these 11 month shots. I took them at the beginning of the month but when I looked at them later I was so disappointed that he was crying in almost every photo. I didn't get many shots to begin with because I wasn't interested in torturing him. We've been busy cutting teeth this month. So many of our photos look like this. Now that his birthday is … [Read more...]

Planning Sawyer’s 1st Birthday – Invites & We Picked A Theme!

Ack! We are in the last month. We're talking days away from his birthday. I can't believe the time has come. I've spent a lot of time thinking and now it's time to start doing because this little cutie is turning one soon! We finally decided on a theme. Remember when I just couldn't decide on a birthday theme? Well, while I was busy finding more themes to make things more difficult it just hit … [Read more...]

Ten Months Old {Sawyer James}

So much for being on time this month! Tomorrow baby boy turns 11 months but if it counts I *did* take the photos on his 10 month date I have just failed to blog them. So, in hopes that I'm not just lying to myself I'll take some cute Vday pics tomorrow as well as his 11 month and get the post up right away. Yeah, right. Getting things done right away isn't happening anywhere lately. Ten months … [Read more...]

Nine Months Old {Sawyer James}

I've failed you with these updates. Sorry. I have still been taking the photos but the last few months got busy and my time sharing got limited. Now that the year is fresh I am picking up everything I was doing. It's time to get back on track! I have a confession to make. I took these a week ago. I should have taken these when I came home from Florida but I was so worried about dropping the ball … [Read more...]

Our Christmas {2012}

This Christmas just crept up on me like no other. Going to Florida this year unexpectedly between Thanksgiving and Christmas for a week was just too much. We couldn't get a tree until we got back since we couldn't water it which meant I was even farther behind then my normal day after Thanksgiving decorating routine. When we finally got it I was so disappointed. There were only a few to chose from … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Sawyer Round Up – Month Eight

 I can't believe I stopped these Daily Dose posts. Well, no more we're getting back on track! Sawyer is far too cute to keep to myself. Remember these Daily Dose posts are all the pictures I share each month on my facebook compiled down to my favorites. Since I always do the previous month these are all actually from late November/ Early December. My Favorite Instagram shots I shared. This … [Read more...]

{Wordless Wednesday} Santa’s Trains

Yesterday I brought the kids to see Santa. We go every year to the Santa's Trains at Look Park. They do a great job of it and we go every year. I posted when we went last year too. Gavin loves going for the trains. They give you a paper with all these different things to find and he loves taking the time to find it all. I love looking at all the different Christmas trees they have decorated all … [Read more...]

Wordful Wednesday {secret trips}

I went to Florida for a week and didn't tell you. I know, I know but we do it for security reasons. There is just something about announcing hey I'm leaving my house unattended for a week that doesn't sit right so I'm telling you know. So if I seemed a bit stressed or didn't post as much- that's why. Of course a few of you caught the location stamp on some of my facebook posts ;) I still have … [Read more...]

{Wordful Wednesday} Now there are TWO

Last week I shared how Sawyer got his 1st tooth but I just couldn't catch it in a photo! Well, I got one: Okay I got a few who am I kidding? ONLY Wordless/Wordful related posts should be linked here. No giveaways or other posts. It must link directly to your WW post not you main page. Any links not going directly to a WW post will be deleted. You can also link up over at Minnesota Mama’s … [Read more...]