Kung Fu Panda DVD & General Mills Giveaway!


If your kids are anything like mine then you know all too well that Kung Fu Panda 2 is in theaters. My kids are actually going to the theater tomorrow with their grandmother to go see and are so excited! When sequels come out its always good to catch up on the old one especially if its been awhile. Thanks to My Blog Spark and General Mills we were sent a fun Kung Fu Panda 2 Prize Pack which … [Read more...]

Penguins of Madagascar & General Mills Cereal Team Up! Prize Pack Giveaway!


I love working with My Blog Spark. They always share with me the many great new promotions that are going on that my family will 100% enjoy that I may have otherwise missed or passed up. They make me a lifetime consumer of many products that I hadn't previously purchased. Now, of course I have purchased Trix in the past but I may have completely missed the New Trix Fruitalicious Swirls!Inside … [Read more...]

General Mills – Less Sugar for Healthy Kids!


My kids LOVE sweet cereal! When we grace the cereal isle they are immediately fighting over which cereal they are getting. Normally Gavin is running straight for the Lucky Charms while Johnny is grabbing the Cinnamon Toast Crunch!Did you know that ready-to-eat cereal eaters consume less fat, less cholesterol and more fiber than non-cereal eaters? Cereals also deliver important vitamins, minerals … [Read more...]

Few Announcements & Smore’s on a Stick Recipe!


Just a heads up this weekend you will see a few non-baby related items.I have a few things that have come my way through PR groups that I work with and need to post them and since I still have stuff coming in for the baby event and don't see it ending anytime soon I need to fit them in. So please excuse me while I do. However, that means much more great giveaways coming your way! I still have some … [Read more...]

Table Talk – Day Two – Betty Crocker Kitchens!


So, I thought I should get back to you on Day Two at General Mills. I know more then anything you'd love love love to see the insides of the kitchens right? So I won't chat mainly just walk you through LOL! Don't you hate when you get home an then realize you didn't take the pictures you wanted? When you first walk in you see this wall. It has their brand names they own on it. The Marble Wall … [Read more...]

Pillsbury.com – Join & Get Money Saving Coupons PLUS Great Recipes!


Going to General Mills was an experience of a lifetime!I learned about many of the amazing products they carry!I also learned how beneficial it is to get their emails!Join Pillsbury.com and not only get great recipes (that you can track in your own personal recipe box) but great money saving coupons too!Click HERE to sign up now! … [Read more...]

Win a gift card to Stop & Shop! Giveaway! {CLOSED}


Do you have a Stop & Shop in your area? I do! Its one of the best super markets I have around! Especially if I take a trip a bit farther to the Earthy Crunchy Organic area I live near- the produce department there is bigger then any other I know! Well, thanks to My Blog Spark & Stop & Shop there's some news to share:Here is how it works:Those great people I just met over at General … [Read more...]

In case you want to know…Plus info on Baby Event!


As you know I'm off to the Table Talk Event at General Mills. Sadly I don't own a Blackberry or a laptop so I won't be able to keep in touch much. If you'd like to see what's going on or peek in on our conversations feel free to search #tabletalk on Twitter! I am flying off from Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT. On a small 58 passenger jet. While hubby is bringing me to the airport … [Read more...]

NEW Trix Swirls® Cereal by General Mills Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}


Since as long as I can remember I grew up watching that silly white rabbit try and get his hands on a yummy fruity bowl of Trix Cereal. Sadly, that poor bunny never succeeded! Hopefully now that Trix has come out with a all new Trix Swirls® cereal that silly bunny will get a chance!Thanks to My Blog Spark my family received a great box filled with a box of the new all Trix Swirls® and some great … [Read more...]

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