Few Announcements & Smore’s on a Stick Recipe!

Just a heads up this weekend you will see a few non-baby related items.
I have a few things that have come my way through PR groups that I work with and need to post them and since I still have stuff coming in for the baby event and don’t see it ending anytime soon I need to fit them in. So please excuse me while I do. However, that means much more great giveaways coming your way! I still have some really BIG giveaways too! Some I haven’t told you about either!

Ok, here’s the recipe I promised to share with you.
So, here’s how this works though, this is no longer my recipe. General Mills sent me a box full of all different kinds of cereals and asked that I make a new Halloween recipe. When I agreed to it I was like ‘how hard could this be?’ Wrong. Making a recipe is not easy, even less so under pressure lol! Well, I think half my issue was I couldn’t get passed a cupcake.
I was telling my hubby just a few days before it was due that I was nervous because I didn’t have anything to report back. I had the cereals hidden so my kids wouldn’t eat them so I could keep all my options open. Everything I had thought of when it came down to it wouldn’t taste right. Then Hubby says to me – Why does it have to be cupcakes?
It didn’t! So he told me to walk away and try something else. So I ripped apart my kitchen seeing what I had on hand. When all of a sudden one of those frozen banana on a stick kits fell out.
I had a million ideas hit me so I pulled out the cereals again and it just hit me. Smore’s!

At first I broiled a few in the oven. While they were warm and yummy they weren’t solid enough to dip in the chocolate. So I had to scratch that idea. However if you want to make smores in the winter broil them. It worked perfectly!
So, I went and grabbed some tooth picks and stabbed them through the marsh mellows as they were. Covered them in chocolate. I just melted a bag of chocolate chips down. Careful you don’t burn them, that tastes gross. But if its not melted enough you’ll be using your fingers more then you’d like. Once done you should get something like this:
Then we crushed Golden Grahams Cereal by General Mills in our hands. We didn’t want them completely crushed. Keep some texture to them like this:
Make sure its covered in the Golden Grahams Cereal then place on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper.
I used colored tooth picks, you could easily decorate them or even leave them out. You can leave them and let the chocolate harden but we ate most of them while the chocolate was still soft and warm. They were good both ways.
Doesn’t that look yummy?
No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Those are strawberry marshmallow’s!
Johnny wouldn’t let me take his pic because he was covered in chocolate. Sadly not from making them but from eating them. Funny how he could manage staying clean up until that point! Here’s Gavin loving these! He took several small bites. My hubs and Johnny ate them whole, yes, one bite!!

I have already been asked to make them again. Johnny asked if I could make those for his Halloween party instead of cupcakes this year he liked them so much.

It was easy only required 3 ingredients, hardly any dishes and both children were able to get involved. My idea of a real treat all around!

ps. This recipe has a chance to make front page on their site AND appear in next years Betty Crocker Fall/Halloween Recipe Book. While I don’t think I’m that good, it would be exciting!

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  1. stephanie muth says

    you are very creative, this one is a winner.

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