Kung Fu Panda DVD & General Mills Giveaway!

If your kids are anything like mine then you know all too well that Kung Fu Panda 2 is in theaters. My kids are actually going to the theater tomorrow with their grandmother to go see and are so excited! When sequels come out its always good to catch up on the old one especially if its been awhile. Thanks to My Blog Spark and General Mills we were sent a fun Kung Fu Panda 2 Prize Pack which … [Read more...]

Wanchai Ferry and Macaroni Grill with $25 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

I was so happy when My Blog Spark contacted me and told me that they were sending a box of everything I'd need for a great date night for Hubby & I. While we do occasionally get a chance to have a kids free night every now and then we prefer to go out. However, there are many nights that Hubby works really late and hasn't eaten. Knowing he's coming home hungry I sometimes just feed the kids … [Read more...]

Febreze Wooden Wick Review & Walmart Gift Card Giveaway!

I am really picky when it comes to candles. I'm not a fan of an open flame. However, ever since this Febreze Wooden Wick Candle Prize Pack showed up its been burning since! Of course I am careful with the candles around my children and never leave a candle unattended. These great little 9 oz candles are perfect for keeping on the table I blog at. I get a soft, sweet scent that fills the air while … [Read more...]

Old El Paso- Make Tonight A “Family Taco Night” Review & Giveaway!

Old El Paso wasn't anything I really needed to review. “Family Taco Night” isn't something we need to plan. See in our house dinner is crazy and often hard to get on the table with everyone's crazy schedule but you can count on Taco Tuesday's in our house. It's quick, cheap, and easy! Everyone is happy and left satisfied and I'm happy because we sat around the table and shared our busy day! Dinner … [Read more...]

Seventh Generation – Keep Sick Days To A Minimum – Prize Pack Review & Giveaway!

Germs. When you have kids they are everywhere. Why would you use harsh chemicals to clean up or disguise whats there? Seventh Generation has ways to keep your family germ free and chemical free!The Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Paper Towels were my favorite! Not only do I like the off brown color from not being bleached. They are just as effective as any other paper towel but these are 100% … [Read more...]

Penguins of Madagascar & General Mills Cereal Team Up! Prize Pack Giveaway!

I love working with My Blog Spark. They always share with me the many great new promotions that are going on that my family will 100% enjoy that I may have otherwise missed or passed up. They make me a lifetime consumer of many products that I hadn't previously purchased. Now, of course I have purchased Trix in the past but I may have completely missed the New Trix Fruitalicious Swirls!Inside … [Read more...]

Febreze Home Collections 2010 Review & Walmart Gift Card Giveaway!

I love Febreze. I love the fact that Febreze knows how to freshen a room without the perfume like smells. It neutralizes odor instead of masking it. They take it to the next level by also making it completely stylish for the home.I was happy to try out the Febreze Home Collection thanks to My Blog Spark.The No-Spill Wood Diffuser is a great masculine option. I like this one a lot for our guest … [Read more...]

Pantene Scientific Hair Test Review & $25 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway!

I hate when I buy a shampoo or conditioner and it leaves my hair dry or greasy. My hair is super thick and grows fast. It has a natural wavy to it so I can normally blow dry it straight or style it with curl. I rely on Pantene for each of my styles. It is priced inexpensively but works just as good as all those designer priced hair products.I love working with My Blog Spark. They have such … [Read more...]

Yoplait Simply Go-Gurt- Review & Prize Pack Giveaway!

I don't know about you buy Yoplait Simply Go-Gurts are a must on my weekly shopping list! I generally purchase the huge pack because they go fast! New Simply… Go-Gurt is made from simple ingredients moms look for and contains no high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors or flavors. Each convenient portable yogurt tube contains a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Simply stated, Simply… … [Read more...]