The #HooverInsiders at the 2011 Housewares Show in Chicago!

Last year I was asked to do a review with Hoover. I hadn't previously really used any of their vacuums before but knew about their rug cleaning systems. So not knowing what would work best for my I decided to visit Hoover's Facebook Page and left a comment asking which vacuum would be a great fit for me. I wrote that I needed a good vacuum to help with the everyday messes my kids made. Example, … [Read more...]

Table Talk – Day Two – Betty Crocker Kitchens!

So, I thought I should get back to you on Day Two at General Mills. I know more then anything you'd love love love to see the insides of the kitchens right? So I won't chat mainly just walk you through LOL! Don't you hate when you get home an then realize you didn't take the pictures you wanted? When you first walk in you see this wall. It has their brand names they own on it. The Marble Wall … [Read more...]