Couponing: Organize Your Shopping Trips (Coupon Binder)

I told you I'd start bringing you more of my coupon tips. My favorite organization tool so far has been the "store" section in my binder. I've actually been thinking about making it a bit different and I'll keep you posted if I do. In the front of my binder I have several page dividers with pockets on both sides. Each pockets is labeled per the store it's for. The pocket I'm going to show you is … [Read more...]

Couponing: Get Your Coupons In Order!

I've been talking a lot on facebook about couponing and saving money. Now that I'm not working our budget is very limited and I need to try and save money for our family where ever I can. I've been talking a lot about getting my coupons together and putting a binder together. I have tons of coupons and keeping them organized in order to match them up to the weekly sales fliers is key. First I … [Read more...] – Join & Get Money Saving Coupons PLUS Great Recipes!

Going to General Mills was an experience of a lifetime!I learned about many of the amazing products they carry!I also learned how beneficial it is to get their emails!Join and not only get great recipes (that you can track in your own personal recipe box) but great money saving coupons too!Click HERE to sign up now! … [Read more...]

Coupons! How do you organize them? What tricks do you have?

I have recently fallen behind in my weekly coupon cutting. As you can see I think there are about 4-6 weeks here Yikes! Luckily none of them have started to expire. I do get 2 sets of each week's coupons. So it also makes it look like more then it is. If you have a CVS in your area, make sure to compare the P&G saver to it. You can save TONS of money each week and spend close to nothing on … [Read more...]