Table Talk – Day Two – Betty Crocker Kitchens!

So, I thought I should get back to you on Day Two at General Mills. I know more then anything you’d love love love to see the insides of the kitchens right? So I won’t chat mainly just walk you through LOL! Don’t you hate when you get home an then realize you didn’t take the pictures you wanted?
When you first walk in you see this wall. It has their brand names they own on it.
The Marble Wall that sits behind the receptionist. Although this building is huge and has everything from coffee shops, a grocery store, a bank, a hair salon, a full gym, a daycare….need I go on? We needed chaperone’s where ever we went. Anyone who wasn’t an employee did.
Me & Amanda @ Mommy Mandy
Main wall when you walk in

Um, yeah you read right!
50 gas & electric ovens
19 cook tops
92 burners
18 tons of granite counter tops
Aerial View
ps. that’s only half the kitchen!
Floor level
We had Hamburger Helper. We put a spin on it and altered the recipe.
I’d never had HH before that day. Its not bad. I will pick some up when they go on sale!
We were divided into groups. This was mine 🙂
Latricia @ 1stopmom, Me, Lisa @ Growing up Mo’, and Jeri @ Pink & Posh
I want their fridge in my house. It’d probably be just as empty though.
There’s is only empty since they have about 40 other ones in there.
Seriously tell me Lindsay doesn’t look like thee next face of Betty Crocker?
The far angle of the kitchen you can’t see from the other shots.

All shots below were taken from Betty Crocker themselves!

My personal framed shots. They had each of do this. I am wondering if they are using them for something.
My cooking group:
Jeri @ Pink & Posh, Lisa @ Growing up Mo’, Latricia @ 1stopmom, & Myself
Note to self:
Don’t hold hands behind back for pics. It makes you look twice your size!
All of us! I love this shot!

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