Make Shopping Fun with your Little One!

Most people look for every opportunity to go shopping without children but I'm the oddball who waits and goes with mine. Sawyer is my little sidekick and behaves well and I enjoy his company, so I always figure why spend my free time on errands? Make shopping fun for little ones too! We just had our Walmart transformed into a Super Walmart last year and it's been so helpful on getting everything … [Read more...]

Bake Up Some Holiday Memories with Your Kids & Betty Crocker This Baking Season

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is bake. I love all the delicious holiday treats. They make my house smell delicious, and whenever I bake everyone seems to gather in the kitchen. I love the family time that I get when I am baking. I especially love it when my kids help me. It is so fun making memories in the kitchen with them. Hayden is 6, and is getting to be quite the good … [Read more...]

Betty Crocker Fun da-middles Review & Giveaway!

  As you know I {heart} cupcakes. I love trying new flavors and ways to jazz them up. I don't always have the time to put my cake decorating skills to use if I have many projects going at one. So when I was asked to give them a try Betty Crocker New FUN da-Middles Cupcakes. I thought they'd be a perfect fit for Gavin's birthday party! When they came in I had received the Yellow Cupcake Mix with … [Read more...]

Table Talk – Day Two – Betty Crocker Kitchens!

So, I thought I should get back to you on Day Two at General Mills. I know more then anything you'd love love love to see the insides of the kitchens right? So I won't chat mainly just walk you through LOL! Don't you hate when you get home an then realize you didn't take the pictures you wanted? When you first walk in you see this wall. It has their brand names they own on it. The Marble Wall … [Read more...]