Applegate Wienervention Summer Gift Pack Giveaway!


With Holiday and Family BBQ parties right around the corner the first thing I think about is what we'll be eating.  Most importantly what's REALLY in what we'll be eating.  I've stopped eating several different foods to avoid added hormones  preservatives, artificial ingredients, and antibiotics.  There's no room for that in my body from something I eat for dinner.   My husband cannot … [Read more...]

Easy BBQ Hot Wings Recipe


Wings. Johnny LOVES wings. He's been begging me to make him wings since Super Bowl. I had promised him I would and then the whole Puppy came into play and we got side tracked. By the time I remembered I bought all the stuff the chicken was a week past its date. I finally got around to buying new chicken and we gave it a go. Add about 1-2 inches of canola oil to your skillet and begin to heat. … [Read more...]

Macaroni Pasta Salad Recipe! Great for a BBQ side dish!


Cooking on the grill is a favorite in this house. This year Johnny is learning how to properly use the grill and it has already been a blast. We've mastered a lot of things that we like to do on the grill itself but sometimes we struggle with sides. So I will be trying lots of new recipes this summer trying to find some great sides. Of course many of these will also double as great things to bring … [Read more...]

Cheesy Red Potato Recipe! Great For A Summer Picnic Side!


I love having summer picnics but I hate the work that it involves when it comes to food prep and clean up. So when I find a simple and easy side dish in both preparing and clean up and everyone raves about it I know it's a keeper! Line a cake pan with tin foil and preheat your oven for 300. First, cut up a bunch of red potatoes keeping the skins on. Wash them first. Then slice an onion as … [Read more...]