Finally Hot Dogs are Good Again! It’s Time for Your #Wienervention! {#Giveaway}

I think I start every post these days with I love summer. It's true, I do. I love the heat, the sun, the kids being home, all of it. Well, all of it except grilling time. Burgers and dogs use to be a staple around here but I'm not a big burger fan at all and hot dogs were, well, getting gross. When I got more focused on losing weight hot dogs were one of the first foods to go. Grilling time began … [Read more...]

Applegate Wienervention Summer Gift Pack Giveaway!

With Holiday and Family BBQ parties right around the corner the first thing I think about is what we'll be eating.  Most importantly what's REALLY in what we'll be eating.  I've stopped eating several different foods to avoid added hormones  preservatives, artificial ingredients, and antibiotics.  There's no room for that in my body from something I eat for dinner.   My husband cannot … [Read more...]