"A Soldier’s Silent Night"

"A Soldier's Silent Night"(Click Here To Listen)T'was the night before ChristmasHe lived all alone,in a one bedroom housemade of plaster and stone.I had come down the chimneywith presents to giveTo see just who,in this dwelling did live.I looked all aroundA strange sight to seeNo tinsel, no presents,Not even a tree.On the wall hung picturesof far distant lands.Metals 'n badges, awards of every … [Read more...]

October is Fire Safety Month!

Going into Winter everyone should go over with family a fire route to safety. Many families don't ever prepare for fires in their home. Many have gone over hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters, however MOST fires are preventable! Predict different routes from each possible way. If this door is trapped you would go this way, if not go this way. Teach siblings that if they can't reach … [Read more...]


(turn sound off below)What are your opinions???? … [Read more...]

Dinner at my house

(Don't forget to turn off my music player before pressing play)I originally started taping b/c my 2 year old kept saying dinner was YUMMY! I thought it was cute. Then the boys got involved. Daddy was whispering for you to say dinner was YUCKY (even though it was his favorite homemade Mac'n'cheese). … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Chili Recipe

I made chili last night that was very yummy! I am not a big chili person but my hubby is! He really liked it although he said he would omit the corn next time (personally I really liked the corn in it). My 7 year old really liked it too! Here are all my ingredients:Brown meat, drain grease. Put in crock. If you have this cool Pampered Chef gadget then you're cool like me LOL! If not have fun with … [Read more...]


So, as I read others blogs I have seen many routines...Wacky Wednesday, Recipe Monday, Featured Friday, etc...I have been contemplating on a routine. I don't know if I want just one or a few. I definitely don't want one for each day as I will never live up to it LOL! I have been trying to just accomplish 31 posts for October...I have missed a few days which usually means multiple posts on one … [Read more...]

Best Coffee Maker EVER!

I was never a coffee drinker growing up, I didn't even like the smell. Then in high school I got addicted to Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee's. The addiction grew and I went from French Vanilla over to Coconut. About a year ago I got a hot coffee in the drive thru and actually liked it. After $2+ a cup I realized it would be much cheaper to start making it at home every day. I didn't own a coffee … [Read more...]

New Dinner and My Kitchen!

So last night I decided to try something new for dinner! It was Apple Stuffing Pork Chops. Even though none of us really care for stuffing it turned out rather yummy. You layer a pan with apple pie filling than pork chops then stuffing. I served it with brown sugared carrots and whipped mashed potatoes. I don't like lumps LOL! I then went crazy cleaning my kitchen and thought since I hardily … [Read more...]

{Falling Leaves}

This is our back yard I should really take a pic from our bedroom to really get the effects of the colors in the trees. With the sun shining so brightly behind them it hard to really see the color. That's my boy practicing soccer near our fire pit for smores. I know I rarely post pics of my kiddos on here (something about pasting them on the internet, I have a family one for that LOL) but I … [Read more...]