Feeling so blue….

So, I haven't told you but I am going out-of-state for a few days for some VERY close friends' wedding. Hubby is in it as well. At first I was really excited to go b/c this will be a very nice wedding. Now that the trip is coming up I have been very anxious and upset about leaving my boys. I keep worse case senario'n it and it hasn't been pretty! I got this from a friend today and it made feel … [Read more...]

Green Caffiene

I made it into another Treasury! Isn't it pretty. Of course it comes from my Etsymom team member Boodybabies!!! Thanks! If you wanna check it out or leave a comment here's the link. … [Read more...]

CVS Deal, sweet as usual!

I did it again LOL! Well, I do it often but I thought I would share my savings on a larger spending scale LOL! I spent a total of $54.69 for all of this. PLUS, I got $22.98 in Extracare bucks (aka ecb) for the next time I go. Unfortunately I didn't have any this time I went in :( Let me break it down a little. The Pantene was on sale 3/$9.99 plus for every 3 you bought you also got $2 ecb. I … [Read more...]

2 Features

Right now I am in 2 Etsy treasuries!!! The first one is called Vanilla Cream made by boodybabies. She did a great job! We are both on the Etsymom team and this feature is all about us! This one is featuring my Dusty Rose Pink & Brown Table Numbers. The second one is called Lemon Lime Twist, made by myaphrodite. We are both on the Etsybloggers team and this feature is all about us! This one … [Read more...]

Monthly Bills just keep going UP

So, our cable and internet billing has gone through the roof these days. Or cable is now over $100 and we get the basic tier and a DVR box. They are changing the DVR box from $10 a month to $20 a month alone. I looked into TiVo which you can purchase outright but you have to still pay a monthly fee. Does anyone know if there is a device like a DVR box you can buy outright and not have to pay a … [Read more...]

Featured- Story Beader

This month the Etsybloggers Featured Crafter is StoryBeader. She has beautiful handmade pieces that you can find in her Etsy Store. Each piece comes with a haiku poem specific to each piece, and if you're ordering from the US they come with FREE shipping! If you want to find more out about her she also has a blog you can read.   … [Read more...]

However you voted….this you gotta see!

I found this on another blog and thought it was hilarious and a good way to end the political commentary.... … [Read more...]

We have a new president.

We have a new president. While I may not agree on who won, strongly. Its time to accept it and pray like crazy he lives up to his promises. So hopefully the change Americans voted for will be the change we truly need. Let's see where the next 4 years take us.... … [Read more...]

Is it time to start shopping yet?

So, I can't believe I have started my Christmas shopping already and that i actually started in October. I am normally that mom who puts it off until the very last moment and then I'm ticked b/c that must have item is sold out or unavailable and I'm off to the internet to see who guarantees delivery in 48 hours LOL, I know! So this year I thought since the economy is horrible and we have many … [Read more...]