Featured Friday: SOAP SCENT-SATIONS Giveaway! {CLOSED}

This week I'd like to welcome you to Kristi! She makes amazing bath and body products!Lipster Tube - 3 pk - You PickHello, I am Kristi of Soap Scent-sations. I am a SAHM of two brilliant boys, ages 7 and 4 and wife to Mr. Wonderful. I have a degree in Secondary Speech and Theatre Education that I have yet to use professionally (although I have been known to be dramatic and I did teach college … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: CAPTIAL CITY CRAFTS Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Recently I have started paying attention to a specific team at Etsy!It's called the JET TEAM!They all work so well together and they each take such pride as advertising themselves as a unite and group instead of for themselves.Presenting: Capital City Crafts!Blue Tears & Pearls NecklaceWho are you?Barbara Moore, jewelry and jazz junkie! I've been making jewelry since high school, when my art … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: GALIT BARAK Giveaway!

We took a break from our Featured Friday's but I'm happy to announce they are back!I have a great shop to come back with too!She does stunning wire work that anyone would just love to wear!Perfect for wedding jewelry, prom, or casual day wear!WelcomeGalit Barak Jewelry DesignerRandom Beauty Necklace, 14 karat gold filledWho are you?My name is Galit Barak, I'm 22 years old from Israel. I live in a … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Jupita – $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway {closed}

This weeks Featured Friday is Jupita! She has two great shops on Etsy. I have known her for awhile from my trips into the Etsy chat rooms, again, I am amazed by the great people I meet over there! Mother and an Angel Statue Who are you? My name is Jennifer. I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, wanderer, artist, activist, organ donor, transplant advocate, ex-designer, bereaved parent and so … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Chicken Scratch! Giveaway!

This week's Featured Friday is Chicken Scratch. She has a store over at Etsy and she makes some great candles and bath & body products too! Plus, all her products are VEGAN! Make sure to peek on over there and check out her shop! Valencia Orange Essential Oil Soy Massage Candle Who are you? I'm Beth, a 30-something single woman who lives in San Diego, California. Vegan spa products are my … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Little Heathens from Heathens Hearth! Giveaway!

This week's Featured Friday is already a personal favorite of mine, Heathen's Hearth! I have purchased from them several times and I am always a happy customer! They have a great variety of scents and products! I LOVE {LOVE} LOVE their Vanilla Sugar Scrub!! This is one store that you must try out! I'm so excited to tell you that they have opened a new shop called Little Heathens that specializes … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Blue Nostalgia PLUS $20 Gift Certificate Giveaway

This week's featured Friday is Blue Nostalgia! I have to be honest. I am not a huge fan of necklaces. I am big on earrings. This store makes me want to own every single necklace she's made. I love the look of her pieces. I don't think I could choose just one piece. I have come to think every piece I featured in a picture is my new favorite piece. Although the very first one I LOVE!Blue … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Carollai PLUS $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway

This week's featured friday artist is Carollai!!! Her work is absolutely stunning! The very first pair of earrings I show you I absolutely love! The names of her work is so original and she has just begun to carry bracelets!Carollai   take me to the opera earrings Who are you? long answer short, i'm carol. 30. born in taipei. grown in new york. Christian. studied graphic design and … [Read more...]

Featured Friday: Ruby Rouge Jewellery PLUS Giveaway

This week's featured friday is Ruby Rose Jewellery! She has a great selection of jewelry available for sale in her Etsy Shop! Everything from necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, hair slides, and more! She even does made to order sales!Ruby Rouge Jewellery Who are you? My name is Sarah. I'm 23 years old and I'm from Yorkshire in England. I finished studying a literature degree in September at … [Read more...]