How do I???

Thaw out frozen meat? It seems to be something us females are supposed to grow up knowing. I don't so bad female I am. I always run and get my meat either same day or day before so I don't need to freeze it...but wouldn't ya know Big Y had to go run a buy one get TWO free sale on pork and chicken?!?!? Now its in my freezer and I don't know what to do. LOL! Sad, I know. But when I microwave it I … [Read more...]


So, this year I have 2 resolutions for the New Year. 1. To lose 20 more pounds this year. Last year I managed to lose 20 lbs. Hopefully this year I can manage to keep it off and to shed another 20 pounds....preferably before summer! 2. Spend more {quality} time with my kids. Yes, I spend pretty ALL my time with my kids- but not necessarily doing anything in particular. This year I want to … [Read more...]

Snow! Snow! Snow!

So, we have been hammered with snow. Yes, I know its New England and this is normal but we got about 15 inches in two and a half days!!! Its been crazy! My youngest finally got to go out and truly experience snow for the first time. Although he was miserable from the fact that he couldn't move in his snow suit he found that by staying in the same spot he could have some fun! Plus it helps when … [Read more...]

Caylee Anthony

HE ONLY TOOK MY HAND Last night while I was trying to sleep, My daughter's voice I did hear I opened my eyes and looked around But she did not appear. She said "Mom you've got to listen, You've got to understand God didn't take me from you, Mom He only took my hand When I called out in pain that night, The instant that I died, He reached down and took my hand, And pulled me to his … [Read more...]

~Spotted Cow Soaps~

This month the featured Etsyblogger is Spotted Cow Soaps. She has an etsy store where you can find all the lovely products I will show you and if you would like to check her out a bit more here is the link to her blog :) Candy Cane Soap! Cranberry Bath FizziesEnergy Body Lotion … [Read more...]

Can you believe it?

There is only one week until Christmas. I still have LOTS of shopping to do. I need to finish up on a few handmade items I made, print out a few pictures and wrap the presents I do have.... Friday night we are having family over to celebrate the holiday and do our gift exchange. I love having people over and hanging out! We finally have our tree up and I LOVE the way it makes our living … [Read more...]


So, the winner of my blog give away is.....JAIMESEWS!!!! … [Read more...]

I’m doing a give away!!!!

So I've decided to do a blog give away just in time for Christmas! The lucky item? My new series of star album books and I chose the Christmas Pointsettia one! In order to qualify you must leave a comment below and do a mini blog on it with the above picture :) linking this post to it. Contest ends Dec. 17! You it is 4"x4" and when spread out is 40" long! There are 19 other 4x4 squares to add … [Read more...]


Thought it was time to take out the Chritmas Music. So from now until Christmas my blog will be playing some christmas tunes! … [Read more...]