Mailboxes & Handmade Valentine’s!

So many thanks goes to The Berry’s Patch who gave me the heads up on these mailbox kits at Walmart for only $4! I couldn’t resist and went out and got my boys one too!
I did have a bit of trouble finding them though LOL! I ended up going to 3 different Walmart’s before I found them. And they weren’t in the main Valentine’s Day isles with all the candy. They ended up in the back of the store in the isle with the cards & frames.
Here’s what they came with:
We added some crayons, mom’s sticker maker, & some paper punches.
Both kids had a blast!
We even added some red satin ribbon to spice them up!
All set!

Then I also found the Valentine left over’s from last year. I thought I would post them in case you were looking for a great and easy handmade Valentine your kids could make!

These puppy’s are made from ALL hearts!
We started out with a large heart and turned it upside down to make the face. Then added 2 medium sized hearts to make the ears. Then a small heart for the nose. Then take that same sized heart and cut it in half and there’s your tongue! Add some google eyes and your done!
Then we added “I’m ‘mutts’ about you” on the back!
We haven’t figured out what we’re going to do yet this year. But once we do I’ll let you know 🙂



  1. hdawnparratt says

    Those are so frigging cute!!!

  2. The Pink Potpourri says

    oh my goodness those mail boxes are too cute! so glad you found them 🙂 i saw some smaller ones like that at target in the dollar bin, but they didn’t come with all that fun stuff inside.

  3. Lindsey says

    Awwww so cute!!!

  4. Jo Hoffacker says

    That puppy dog card is just too cute!

  5. storybeader says

    those doggie valentines are so cute!

  6. Youvegotmaille says

    Aw, made me wish I had a lil munchkin to do projects with. My lil munchkin is 16 next month =/

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