Featured Friday: DonnaPool

This week's Featured Friday is actually the Monthly Feature for my Etsyblogger's Team. Her name is DonnaPool and she makes the cutest buttons!You can find many items from buttons, to photographs, to plush toys in her Etsy Store. Don't forget all of our members have a blog that you can check out. She actually has two! Click here or here to check them out!   … [Read more...]

Featured Etsyblogger: Rose Works Jewelry

This months Featured Etsyblogger is RoseWorks Jewelry. She currently has 2 stores over at Etsy. Her first one is Rose Works Jewelry. She also does giveaways with every 5th purchase! Her second store is called Kindred Spirit Treasures. And if you want to know more about her...here's her blog. … [Read more...]

~Spotted Cow Soaps~

This month the featured Etsyblogger is Spotted Cow Soaps. She has an etsy store where you can find all the lovely products I will show you and if you would like to check her out a bit more here is the link to her blog :) Candy Cane Soap! Cranberry Bath FizziesEnergy Body Lotion … [Read more...]

Latest work

I have been horrible about getting anything accomplished craft wise these days. I got a couple of huge orders in the beginning of October and it kinda burned me out. I recently got a request to design and make a set of custom pink and brown wedding table numbers so it was great to make me have to step up and work again. I like to give my custom order people a choice of 2 designs. Here is choice … [Read more...]

Etsybloggers- Baby Friendly Beads

This month's featured Etsyblogger is BFBeads. She sells baby safe necklaces for your baby's to play with while you breastfeed. She has two stores over at Etsy. The first one is BFBeads and the second one is Mama's Magic Studio. She also has a blog that you can check out. … [Read more...]

Autumn in New England

There are definitely times when I am not a fan to be living in New England. I cannot stand standing outside at 10 below scrapping ice off my windshield while standing knee-high in snow. However, the fall season is beautiful. People are known to take vacations here just to see the leaves change color. When I was younger I lived in Cummington a small country town in the Berkshires of Western, MA. I … [Read more...]

Popcorn and Cranberries

So, another part of the team is called a carnival. Each month we are given a topic to write on. This month's topic was childhood memories. I don't know why but the first thing that popped into my head was stringing cranberries & popcorn for our christmas tree. Maybe it's because I have christmas on the brain from all the cards I've been making. But whatever the reason my childhood memory is … [Read more...]