Christmas Goodies

Hope everyone got some goodies for Christmas! Here are some of my favorites! Hubby got me a new Canon Digital Camera! Now, I can take some better pictures! My In-laws got me the Cuisinart Food Processor I have been dying for. This got great reviews for durability and quality! Now I can make real breadcrumbs for my Mac & Cheese! My Dad & Lori got us this AWESOME waffle maker! We are … [Read more...]

Thought I’d share…

What I listen to when I am scrapping or blogging :) This is called my Norah Jones playlist. It is completely all songs by her. I love Norah Jones there is something so soothing and calming about her music. She is really the only artist I can listen to song after song after song too....most others I hit skip constantly. Down at the bottom of the playlist are many duets she did so the … [Read more...]

New! New! New!

I am super excited to show off my new design to you. This one isn't actually for sale I just used some stuff I had around to make it up. I just wasn't sure if I could do it. The computer really isn't my friend even though it seems like it is. Here is a closer up shot :) So happy with its turn out. Why couldn't I be so snazzy with my own wedding hee, hee! I am also starting to make coordinating … [Read more...]

100 posts!

Well, this is my 100th post :) So far I have 14 followers, and 1,998 (different) visitors! I have had a TON of different countries come and visit, some I couldn't even tell you what part of the map they are from...but then again my geography isn't the best LOL! So, to the rest of you what are you tricks? What do you think makes people come back? What makes you come back? Anything I can do or … [Read more...]

How do I???

Thaw out frozen meat? It seems to be something us females are supposed to grow up knowing. I don't so bad female I am. I always run and get my meat either same day or day before so I don't need to freeze it...but wouldn't ya know Big Y had to go run a buy one get TWO free sale on pork and chicken?!?!? Now its in my freezer and I don't know what to do. LOL! Sad, I know. But when I microwave it I … [Read more...]


So, this year I have 2 resolutions for the New Year. 1. To lose 20 more pounds this year. Last year I managed to lose 20 lbs. Hopefully this year I can manage to keep it off and to shed another 20 pounds....preferably before summer! 2. Spend more {quality} time with my kids. Yes, I spend pretty ALL my time with my kids- but not necessarily doing anything in particular. This year I want to … [Read more...]

Snow! Snow! Snow!

So, we have been hammered with snow. Yes, I know its New England and this is normal but we got about 15 inches in two and a half days!!! Its been crazy! My youngest finally got to go out and truly experience snow for the first time. Although he was miserable from the fact that he couldn't move in his snow suit he found that by staying in the same spot he could have some fun! Plus it helps when … [Read more...]

Caylee Anthony

HE ONLY TOOK MY HAND Last night while I was trying to sleep, My daughter's voice I did hear I opened my eyes and looked around But she did not appear. She said "Mom you've got to listen, You've got to understand God didn't take me from you, Mom He only took my hand When I called out in pain that night, The instant that I died, He reached down and took my hand, And pulled me to his … [Read more...]

~Spotted Cow Soaps~

This month the featured Etsyblogger is Spotted Cow Soaps. She has an etsy store where you can find all the lovely products I will show you and if you would like to check her out a bit more here is the link to her blog :) Candy Cane Soap! Cranberry Bath FizziesEnergy Body Lotion … [Read more...]