So, as I read others blogs I have seen many routines...Wacky Wednesday, Recipe Monday, Featured Friday, etc...I have been contemplating on a routine. I don't know if I want just one or a few. I definitely don't want one for each day as I will never live up to it LOL! I have been trying to just accomplish 31 posts for October...I have missed a few days which usually means multiple posts on one … [Read more...]

Best Coffee Maker EVER!


I was never a coffee drinker growing up, I didn't even like the smell. Then in high school I got addicted to Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee's. The addiction grew and I went from French Vanilla over to Coconut. About a year ago I got a hot coffee in the drive thru and actually liked it. After $2+ a cup I realized it would be much cheaper to start making it at home every day. I didn't own a coffee … [Read more...]

New Dinner and My Kitchen!


So last night I decided to try something new for dinner! It was Apple Stuffing Pork Chops. Even though none of us really care for stuffing it turned out rather yummy. You layer a pan with apple pie filling than pork chops then stuffing. I served it with brown sugared carrots and whipped mashed potatoes. I don't like lumps LOL! I then went crazy cleaning my kitchen and thought since I hardily … [Read more...]

{Falling Leaves}


This is our back yard I should really take a pic from our bedroom to really get the effects of the colors in the trees. With the sun shining so brightly behind them it hard to really see the color. That's my boy practicing soccer near our fire pit for smores. I know I rarely post pics of my kiddos on here (something about pasting them on the internet, I have a family one for that LOL) but I … [Read more...]

Need Help Cleaning My Gas Range Stovetop!


Ok, posting away today... This is my stove. I love LOVE love my stove. It has a gas range and a convection oven (electric). The bottom drawer is actually a warming drawer but I still use it as a storage drawer. The only thing I can't stand about this stove is cleaning it. It takes forever there are so many pieces to take off and clean individually. Here is an up close of the range. The cast … [Read more...]

Usually I don’t like to get political….


But some of these videos were worth posting... (BTW, you'll have to turn my playlist at the bottom off before you play any of them) Just some Facts: Who again are the spenders? Love this one...is it three letters or four? Praising the ACORNS... … [Read more...]

Love this Quilt!


I love this quilt that Pigtails & Snails is GIVING AWAY! Yes! Giving away! It is stunning! I love the colors most! Make sure to check out her blog for a chance to win! … [Read more...]

Our Carved Pumpkins!


The other day the kids & I went pumpkin picking. We carved our pumpkins just the other night. We got the templates free online from The Pumpkin Lady. I had bought one of those pattern books that came with the tools last year. We made some cool pumpkins from it. I didn't feel like spending the $5 on the book again especially since I had washed and saved the pumpkin tools. So, I searched online … [Read more...]

Spice up your business!


So I was chatting with hubby and showing my new business cards that Connie made me, she has an Etsy Store also. And he said well that doesn't stand out to me for a paper person. And at first I was upset b/c I thought he was saying he didn't like the card, but then he went on to explain that they should be something I make since I am a paper person. So, at first I matted it and he said okay. And … [Read more...]