Finally a day above freezing!

Here in New England the weather has been anything but cold these days! Many times it has even been falling into negative numbers, but not today! Today it’s supposed to get up to almost 50 degrees! So, we thought we would take advantage of some nice weather and get outside!
The snow has been frozen like hard ice so you haven’t been able to play much on it, but today it’s finally soft again! The boys thought they would get suited up and go sledding!
There were some spots where the ice was still shear and the sleds skidded nicely across.
But most of the fun was in the backyard where the snow was nice and squishy!

Thought I would also tell you about this awesome toy we got my boy for Christmas. Its called the Computer Cool School by Fisher Price. He loves it so much! If you have a toddler you MUST get this toy! The first few times he played he did need some help but now he doesn’t need any. He is 2 1/2 years and this toy rocks! He can paint, play instruments, count, sing, you name it. Its even helping him learn how to write his letters. If you haven’t met my boy you need to know he is addicted to his ABC’s. Sings them, talks them,over & over & over again. He loves to spell and can spell a few words already including his and his brother’s name!

They also have additional games you can purchase such as: Dora & Diego, Clifford the Red Dog, Elmo, Scooby Doo, & Spongebob. The first three are for ages 2-4 and the last 2 are ages 4-6! I highly recommend this toy!



  1. Angie says

    We haven’t had good sledding snow here for quite some time. My husband and I both have our sleds hanging in the garage waiting for the perfect day!

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