{25 Random Facts About Me}

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1. My first name is Jennifer.

2. My birthday is in May and I think it is the best month of the year. If I could have had my kids that month I would have!.

3. I have 2 sons, no daughters.

4. I’ve been with my hubby since I was 12, but didn’t get married to him until I was 25.

5. I was a Kahunaville Waitress in the bar that danced on the walls in high school. (fully clothed if you don’t know the restaurant hee, hee…its like a Rainforest Cafe)

6. I love baby giraffe items

7. My house burnt down 2 years ago, and we lost everything.

8. I am a paranoid fool on a good night. If my hubby isn’t home I worry that something bad will happen.

9. I don’t like dogs. At all.

10. I eat raw potatoes.

11. I am the biggest grouch in the morning.

12. Once my youngest is in school I want to finish getting my RN degree.

13. I love to scrapbook.

14. I go absolutely BALLISTIC when I see small children not in car seats!

15. I wasn’t supposed to be born in New England. I hate the cold.

16. I have never ice skated. But lived on roller skates when I was younger.

17. I love supernatural freaky type movies.

18. I know all my states in alphabetical order….seriously…Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho,Illinois, Indiana…etc. I had to learn a song in fourth grade and never forgot it.

19. I took four years in spanish and two years french. I would be lucky to speak a sentence of either now.

20. I was a varsity cheerleader in high school. I got a broken nose, and 2 shiners from a competition my senior year.

21. I often miss my friends. I wish I could see them more than I do.

22. I would love to travel the world.

23. My favorite job was working for 3 years in the Emergency Room. I loved the rush.

24. I have never bought a lottery ticket or even a scratch ticket.

25. In 5th grade my mom bought me 2 boy rabbits. Within a year I had over 30 rabbits. Obviously they both weren’t boys. Luckily I lived on a farm in the country at the time.

I’m sick of tagging people. If you’d like to do say I tagged you LOL!


  1. Paperprincess34 says

    I like raw potatos too. People always look at me funny though when I eat them.

  2. ConnieK says

    I should have been born farther up north, I love the cold!!!!

  3. Jen says

    I think I would be a paranoid person too if my house burnt down! Poor thing! My name is Jennifer, too and I also, hate mornings!!! Maybe it’s a name thing!
    -10oneworld on Etsy

  4. Walk in the Woods says

    I know others who feel the same about New England … seems they all live in the southwest US now! 🙂

    Thanks too, Jennifer, for stopping by my blog and entering my give-away – I really appreciate it!


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