DOOHICKIES Turn Sneakers Into Slip-On’s {Plus, Giveaway}


Hayden was so excited about new school shoes when we started back to school shopping. We searched and searched until we found that perfect pair that both he and I could agree on. He was so excited to wear them the first day of school. The only issue we were having was keeping his shoe laces to stay tied! Hayden is super active and runs around a bunch at recess. He kept complaining about having to … [Read more...]

Disney’s Cinderella *NOW* on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Digital HD, and Disney Movies Anywhere! Plus, Giveaway!


As soon as I saw the preview for the new Disney Cinderella movie I was counting down the days until I could see it in theaters. I was more excited to see it than my kids were. When it finally came out I took myself on a "Me date" to go see it. I got all my favorite snacks and then watched a showing of Cinderella late at night all by myself. It was glorious! I loved the "me time" and I loved the … [Read more...]

Five New DVD Releases from Nickelodeon! Plus, Giveaway


Have you checked out the New DVD Releases from Nickelodeon lately? Nickelodeon Favorites: Puppy Palooza Romp into 7 puppy play dates with your Nick Jr. pals! Roll with the PAW Patrol to rescue Super Pup Rubble as well as catch an out-of-control Robo Dog. Help Dora and Boots find a missing puppy and count on Team Umizoomi to save a lost dog too. Meet Bubble Puppy and other pets with the Bubble … [Read more...]

Newly Designed Baby Genius Learn & Grow Products {& Giveaway!!!}


As a mom I want to provide my kids with as many opportunities as I can to make sure they are learning and growing. There are so many fun milestones and are learning so much from the very beginning. My heart just melts when my babies smile for the first time, or laugh. Now that my kids are older we still have fun milestones. Halli is in the super fun and exhausting toddlerhood stage. She is so … [Read more...]

Peppa Pig: School Bus Trip Now Available On DVD AND Giveaway


It is that time of year when everyone is getting their kiddos ready to go back to school. Now you can watch your favorite little Peppa Pig also get ready to go back to school. Peppa Pig: School Bus Trip is now available from Entertainment One! My kids really love Peppa Pig. They think she is so silly and they really love her family. Halli laughs every time Daddy Pig snorts really loud at the … [Read more...]

New CHOOZEPACKS Are A Reversible Design and Functional Backpack {Plus, Giveaway!!!}


Hayden started first grade this year. It has been a pretty big deal and he feels like one of the "big kids" since he is no longer a little kindergartener. When we were trying to get Hayden ready to go back to school he took it really seriously. We couldn't just get any shoes, or any pencil box. Each of his decisions was thoughtfully made. The hardest decision for him was on his backpack. He didn't … [Read more...]

Gymboree & DinoTrux – Two Favorites Together {Plus, Giveaway}


There's a great new show out for kids right now that has Sawyer & I hooked! It's called Dinotrux and you can catch it on Netflix! We already watched all 10 episode's on season one! It was so good! This show is about a group of dinosaurs that are half dinosaur and half trucks trying to all live and survive together. They all are learning how important their roles are, not only for themselves … [Read more...]

George Forman Launches The Butcher Shop -Helping Bring Families To The Dinner Table {& Giveaway!}


Family dinners have always been really important to me and my husband. There is something important and special about the entire family sitting down at the table and enjoying a meal together. I love hearing about my husband's day and hearing all the funny little things my kids say. We were really great about sitting together as a family while school is in session, but this summer has been a … [Read more...]

pediped® Releases New Fall Collection with Back to School Styles {& Giveaway!}


  Halli just turned two this spring and she is always on the go! I feel like she is always running, jumping, or climbing on something. We go outside a lot so she can explore and get some of her busy energy out. All of that fun playing and exploring is really hard on her feet and shoes. I want to make sure her growing feet are protected and have the support that they need. Now that my kids … [Read more...]

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