InnoTab® MAX, VTech®’s Newest Tablet {Review & #Giveaway}

Both Hayden and Halli are learning new things every day! I can't keep up with them most of the time. They are both in such a fun stage, and are so curious or interested in everything. Hayden is in kindergarten and is way, way above grade level in reading. He is also really smart in other subjects. His homework is a breeze, and sometimes it is hard to find more things for him to do to keep him … [Read more...]

Modarri Is The Toy Car Reinvented! {Review & #Giveaway}

I swear Hayden has loved toy cars ever since he could crawl and push one next to him. Before he could even really talk he could make the sound of a car or truck. Halli is the same way, and she loves pushing cars everywhere with her big brother. Cars are so fun to pretend with, and my kids play super hard on their toy cars. After making huge jumps, and crashing into all sorts of things to stop "the … [Read more...]

*NEW* Ziggle Ride-On Toy from Radio Flyer {Review}

My kids and I spend the majority of our time outside.  The weather is just to gorgeous not to!  I am always looking for new fun toys, games, and activities for my kids and our family to play outside.  I have really great memories of playing outside and pulling around my little red metal wagon from Radio Flyer.  I loved that thing.  I loved pulling it everywhere with all my stuff, and I loved … [Read more...]

B2B: Bright Starts Having a Ball Pop & Roll Roadster Review & Giveaway!

The boys are getting so excited about this baby. The anticipation of finding out if they are going to have a little brother or sister is so exciting to them! While Johnny completely understands what is in store since he's been through this before it's unclaimed territory with Gavin. One way we've been introducing ways he can interact with baby. Of course it will be a little bit until Gavin will … [Read more...]

Playskool Brought Alphie Back! The Little Portable Robot Buddy!

I can't believe that Playskool brought Alphie back! When I was little I had an Alphie and I loved it! Of course he looked like this: Now Alphie has had a makeover for the times and he is back!I am so excited that I'm able to share him now with my kids. Who better to explore the world with than someone who's new to it? This ALPHIE robot is on a "field trip" from his home planet and, with a … [Read more...]

Toy Story Action Links Review

Ever since the latest Toy Story movie was released it's been one of the biggest crazes around. Gavin seems to be very much into Woody these days. He made sure that he told everyone that he wanted a big Woody for Christmas this year. So when he saw a box filled with Toy Story Action Links get delivered he was so excited! I mean wouldn't you if all this came and it wasn't your birthday or Christmas … [Read more...]

A Traintastic Giveaway Bundle from Chuggington!!! Includes Playset, Trains, Tracks, Book, & Memory Game!

I love being a Chuggington Conductor. It means I get to keep you up to date on all the latest and greatest of Chuggington! Of course we all know that Chuggington is traintastic in so many ways! The show is entertaining, fun, and full of personality! It's no wonder why our children (and us!) love the show. If you haven't caught an episode of Chuggington yet- you must! You can catch episodes daily … [Read more...]

Infantino – SEVEN Great Infant Toys – Giveaway!

Infantino has been making baby products for years. Often times on sites like mine you only hear about the bigger products. However, Infantino has many amazing that are under $15 and I wanted to show you just a few of them. See, when baby comes you need a while lot more then the big things. Sometimes its just the small things that make baby happy as can be. When my boys were little they loved the … [Read more...]

#B2B Infantino Firefly Soother {Review & Giveaway}

Infantino just came out with a whole new line of products and they are amazing. If you haven't taken a moment to peek over on their site you must visit. They have everything from toys, baby carriers, puzzles, and more! One of the new products that caught my eye instantly was their new Firefly Soother for the crib & toddler night light. With its bright colors and attractive design it's easy to … [Read more...]