Modarri Is The Toy Car Reinvented! {Review & #Giveaway}

I swear Hayden has loved toy cars ever since he could crawl and push one next to him. Before he could even really talk he could make the sound of a car or truck. Halli is the same way, and she loves pushing cars everywhere with her big brother. Cars are so fun to pretend with, and my kids play super hard on their toy cars. After making huge jumps, and crashing into all sorts of things to stop "the … [Read more...]

Prince Lionheart Vehicle Traveling Made Easy! Review & Giveaway!

We as a family spend so much time in our vehicles and as summer is now upon us we'll be out more then ever. I like my kids to be comfortable as we drive all over New England but at the same time I want my new van being taken care of. Remember when I showed you my seat in the Jeep when I took out Gavin's old car seat? Look at all those pressure points in my seat! When I got the van I didn't want … [Read more...]

Energizer® Dual Car Universal USB Charger Review & Giveaway

It's amazing how addicted we've become to technology. I remember the days when we left our home and we were complete out of touch with everyone. Now technology has brought us to a time where we are reachable at all times. We also have so much technology that many of our other products have become portable as well! From phones, iPods, iPads, and more we've been accustomed to bringing all these … [Read more...]

Prince Lionheart Two Stage Seatsaver! Review & Giveaway!

I've reviewed several Prince Lionheart over the years. They have innovative products from the kitchen to outside that make your life easier and simpler without breaking your bank. This time around I thought I would take it out of the house entirely and go for where we spend a lot of our time sadly. The car. Or in my case a Jeep. I love my Jeep more then I can tell you. We got a great deal on it a … [Read more...]

@Britax Parkway SGL (Belt-Positioning Booster Seat) Review

Britax. We all know the name. Its one the most trusted names when it comes to providing safety in car seats. It was a no brainer to me when Gavin was approaching 40 pounds on where to look for his booster. So when I was asked to do another review with Britax I thought the Parkway SGL would be perfect! I saw it when I was at the ABC Expo and I was able to try installing it in the car when I was … [Read more...]