B2B: Little One Books $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

One thing I believe is crucial right from the start is talking to your baby. With reading also being of importance to start as early as possible it's key to pick books that stay simple and have bright colors. While a baby might not understand exactly what you are telling them, the sound of your voice means so much to your child. Why not read to them as a way to sooth them. As they grow they will … [Read more...]

#B2B Infantino Firefly Soother {Review & Giveaway}

Infantino just came out with a whole new line of products and they are amazing. If you haven't taken a moment to peek over on their site you must visit. They have everything from toys, baby carriers, puzzles, and more! One of the new products that caught my eye instantly was their new Firefly Soother for the crib & toddler night light. With its bright colors and attractive design it's easy to … [Read more...]

Tunes – Take it back!Waaay Back, back into time!

Last week I posted some tunes and I got more of a response then I expected so I thought I'd have some more fun.Blast from the past (for me anyways) some favorites I will always turn up when they come on.Or how about a classic:Ok, I was ADDICTED to this song in HS:Went to this concert:I could go on forever:This was my Cheerleading Prep song:Since I listened to all styles next week I'll do the … [Read more...]

Mark My Time – Digital Bookmark & Digital Metronome – Track your child’s reading and music times easily! Review!

Mark My Time is a great new tracking product for kids! Their digital bookmark starts off with a basic clock so your child can know the time it is and then you can set it to count up or count down. This digital bookmark has received countless awards for not only its ability of tracking time but more importantly its motivating children to read more! Mark My Time also carries a digital metronome for … [Read more...]