Total Gym Total Mom Challange – Week Two

As you know I work for an after school science enrichment program. Our programs kick off in just a few weeks which now means incredibly long hours at work. The last thing I wanted to do getting home at 10pm was work out. I averaged about every other day this week which isn’t bad but it’s not great. By missing one day I made it an effort to make sure I did it the next. The fact that Gavin has preschool for a couple of hours on my days off definitely helps.
I am kinda annoyed that my hubby said he’d do this with me, and hasn’t. I strongly believe in having a partner as it makes it more enjoyable. Johnny was fun to do it with but only having school hours to find the time means he’s not there.

One thing I have noticed though is “the burn”. I like the burn because you know that you’re body is working. The first week I started the Total Gym XLS I felt more exhausted and out of shape. Now I just feel out of shape, but I can do it. I’m not dreading the full counts and once I take the time to actually sit down and do it it’s really not that bad. Right now I’m trying to find a way to make it a part of my life not finding a way to just “do it”.

So this week I’m going to ask you what you do to help find motivation? What makes you find getting fit a priority in your life?
These are questions I need to start asking myself. I need to stop thinking about it and just making it daily life. It’s a gym, it takes only minutes out of my day. It not only helps me lose weight and gain muscle but its benefiting to my entire overall health.

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