The Total Gym Total Mom Challenge – I’m Bringing Sexy Back!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge by now. There are ten of us bloggers putting the amazingly awesome Total Gym XLS to the ultimate test!
For the next eight weeks that ten of us are going to keep you up to date on our journey with the Total Gym. Our ups, our downs, and everything in between. If you’d like to follow all of us here is the complete list of girls participating:

I’ll be honest some of the girls are very brave. Cat makes me really want to push myself with all I can. She has been brave enough to give us every measurement of her body and I give her props for that! She alone makes me want to try hard and do my best! So thank you Cat! Sorry, guys but I don’t have her courage although I am still tracking everything and I’ll keep you posted on my progress along the way.

Why I wanted to be a part of the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge:
With each child I have managed to keep on 25 pounds of weight. That’s a lot of extra cushion. A lot I don’t need. I was thin. Super thin. I miss being able to walk into a store and grab whatever looks great on the hanger and not worry what bump or roll is going to show through. I went formal dress shopping a couple weeks ago and left the mall not only extremely upset with my husband insensitivity but also crying upset with myself. You see two years ago I joined a gym and my best friend did too. We came partners in an effort to get our weight back in control. I rocked at it. I lost 20 pounds the first three months alone. I kept it up and looked great for a wedding that was at the end of the summer – my goal. Then a month later I fell and got hurt and couldn’t jump around on my foot for a month. Finances became tight and I had to let my membership go. Over the winter months I gained all the weight I had fought so hard to lose. My mother in law even gave me a piece of workout equipment to try and use. It was boring to me and quickly became an addition drying rack in my room for clothes:
I’m sick of feeling bad about myself. I’m sick of thinking my hubby must find me unattractive. I’m sick of not being able to fit into anything. I’m sick of wearing what looks like sheets that only make me look bigger then i even am because I can hide in them.

I’m ready to take control and get off my butt. Wanna know why?

This beauty! The Total Gym XLS is more then I ever thought it could be. It has been all I’ve needed to admit to myself that WOW I am really out of shape. There is nothing like the good feeling of sore in the morning. It reminds me I’m doing something good for myself. Something that will make me feel better about who I am.
The Total Gym XLS even took out the guess work for me. I really wouldn’t have known the first thing to do on it so when I realized the many cards it came with that walked me through everything I was thrilled! I’ll be telling you so much more about the Total Gym XLS in the weeks to come. Hopefully by the end I may just admit where I started because of how proud I am by its ending.

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