Total Gym Total Mom Challange – Week One (and discount code)

It’s been a week now for the Total Mom Total Gym Challenge and what a week it has been. I have had such a crazy busy week this past week that I am so glad this is a review. This is how I get easily side tracked and then it just becomes a shift in priorities. I am hoping that it being a shift in the positive direction after forcing it into my schedule. After all eight weeks is quite a bit of time.
Thankfully the Total Gym comes with a lot more then just the gym. I have been using the poster it came with for quick reference and the cards are complete life savers. Honestly if I didn’t have the cards I wouldn’t know what I was doing. I use the Women’s 6-8 minute Workout they give. It definitely takes me a LOT longer then the 6-8 minutes as stated. Maybe after doing it for a long time and you memorize all the steps you could possibly do it in that time frame but I’ve been averaging 30-45 minutes.
I about died when I found out that I had to share a photo of me with the gym. I don’t know what I’m more embarrassed about. My chubby self or the fact that I’m sick of picking up the books that keep falling behind me and decided I was just leaving them there. I apologize about my messy bedroom but it’s where I have the gym. I leave it unfolded since there is room. It makes it a lot easier for me to make it convenient. It is right in front of my face.
I also found out I had to share my measurements. Ugh! So for week one I am definitely left feeling depressed. So here they are chest: 37, waist: 36, and hips 39. Not horribly bad but not the size 2 measurements I had before kids. My main target area is my stomach. If at the end of this I see an improvement in that area I will definitely eat my embarrassment and know it was worth it!
When going through the cards and putting together my schedule we stumbled upon a Kids Workout and Johnny was absolutely thrilled he could “play”. I had it have a serious talk with him reminding him that this was not a toy and that he was not allowed to you the Total Gym without supervision. When I had to have my photo taken he said “Hey Mom, what about me?” So here’s my partner in crime: age 9 (he wants me to add- but almost 10).
Wanna take the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge with me? I have an exclusive discount offer of 15% off your purchase! They also offer FREE shipping so you won’t have to worry about factoring that into the price either! Just click the image below and you’ll automatically get the link that gives you the discount.
My week has technically been F-F so I’m behind a few days in my posting. I’m going to be trying to get back off of posting on the weekend so if you’re following me on these posts make sure to check in Friday! See you next week!

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