Silhouette Heat Transfer Bundle Set! Plus Discount Promo Code for 25% Off!

Own the Silhouette? Been considering it? Well, I have an amazing deal to share with you! This Silhouette heat transfer bundle includes: Silhouette SD Silhouette SD Electronic Cutting Tool 2 cutting mats 1 blade with 3 adjustment caps $10 download card Silhouette Studio™ software (Mac® and PC) USB cable Getting Started With Silhouette guide 3 feet flocked white heat transfer 3 feet … [Read more...]

Remington King Of Shaves Discount! Good Morning America Exclusive Promotion

Buy 2 packs of  Remington Azor Hybrid Synergy System Razor Cartridges and get an Azor Hybrid Synergy System Warp Razor for a penny! In this brand new collaboration Remington brings the UK’s hottest grooming brand, King of Shaves stateside, marking Remington’s first foray into the wet shave category. The two grooming heavyweights joined forces to deliver the ultimate shaving experience with a … [Read more...]

The Convenience of the Total Gym

The one thing over the past few weeks with the Total Gym that has been great is its convenience. Having it in my home and being able to use it when it is convenient to me and my schedule is one of the best parts of this gym. With Halloween just passing and the next set of holidays quickly approaching my schedule is all over the place. I don't really have a two hour window to run off to the gym. … [Read more...]