Littlest Pet Shop – Cozy Care Adoption Center

If your kids haven’t discovered The Littlest Pet Shop yet you must be living in a cave! I see these everywhere lately and I see children swarming around them. With their cute adorable little faces who really can resist? You can start your collection off small or big! With prices starting at just $4.99 they are affordable too! Plus, they make great stocking stuffers!
The newest little spot in town for these little critters is The Littlest Pet Shop Cozy Care Adoption Center. It’s packed fun with many different activities for all of your pets. My favorite feature about it is that you can pack it up and take it with you. Not too mention store quite a few of your favorite critters inside. While it is not a travel box you do still need to be careful transporting it but its useful for us when we bring it from room to room. Yes! Room to room! My son loves these little guys so much that wherever he goes his Littlest Pet Shop critters come too. We simply just close the doors and to the next room we go!
What can your little critters do in the Cozy Care Adoption Center?
You can feed your pets downstairs in the market store area. Make sure not to go in the spinning playpen too fast after eating though or your husky puppy will be heading upstairs to the well check area. If you’re pet isn’t sick make sure to schedule his physical and check how much your pet has grown! Make sure he gets his shots so he stays healthy this winter too! Next stop on over to the Grooming Center where Husky’s big sister loves to hang out and get all dolled up!
That’s not all though!
Keep them fit and get them trained up on the roof top so they can all be quickly adopted to safe, loving homes! If they aren’t adopted right away its okay! This Cozy Care Adoption Center has more then enough sleeping quarters for a few friends!
I know I have a boy and most boys don’t play with toys like The Littlest Pet Shop. However my boy LOVES them! See he goes to his Nana’s house 2 days a week when i work and he found my nieces’ stash of The Littlest Pet Shop and couldn’t stop playing with them. My hubby wasn’t too found but hey if he likes them who I am to take them away, right? Besides the pink coloring these toys are made well and provide hours of play time for him. Everyone can be pet owners right? So with the Cozy Care Adoption Center he can have all the fun he wants on my clock!
You can purchase The Littlest Pet Shop Cozy Care Adoption Center for $47.99 directly from the site. I’ve also seen them all over in places like Toys R Us and Target!


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