Cook’s Ham Steaks Crescent Roll Recipe {Giveaway Too!} Two Winners!

One thing I really like about going to the Cook's Ham Event was that it made me stop and realize that cooking with ham is fast and easy. Every time I thought of ham in the past I always pictured the fancy Christmas Dinner.Little did I realize that even in a meal like the one pictured above was the easiest part of the meal. Since many of Cook's Ham have already been cooked they don't require much … [Read more...]

Cook’s Ham Event hosted by Price Chopper!

Tuesday I was invited to an event put on by Cook's Ham and hosted by Price Chopper. It was out at the Price Chopper in Latham, NY. It was almost two hours away but I thought it would be fun so I took a drive. A week early. Opps. So when the real date came I knew exactly where I was heading and what the tolls would be. Which made it much easier.When I got there I was greeted by both Cook's Ham and … [Read more...]

Cook’s Ham! A Christmas Tradition! Giveaway! {closed}

The Christmas Ham. It's an icon if you think about it. You don't make chicken or turkey you always have ham. Making sure your ham is great tasting starts with picking the right ham. Make sure yours is a Cook's Ham!Choosing a good quality ham can be difficult and Cook's knows this. They make sure to only take the best quality meats! You must also visit their website as they have helpful kitchen … [Read more...]