Gossip Girl: The Complete Fourth Season DVD

Season four of Gossip Girl was great. Last season got a little hard for me with the whole Blair not fitting in but this season everything seemed to just fall in place. Everything felt comfortable. Of course comfortable on the Upper East Side consists of love, betrayal, friendship and scandal! This season had so many amazing moments that it really is so hard to pick just one. Of course this is the … [Read more...]

Gossip Girl Season Four on DVD Dream Vacations

One thing we see every season with Gossip Girl is the lavish lifestyle the characters live. In the beginning of season 4 we got a sneak peak of Blair and Serena's lavish trip to Paris. They call this trip: Belles de Jour. While there Blair even meets a prince. I can't tell you too much as this Prince becomes quite the topic de jour all season long. He puts a spin on this episode that will keep you … [Read more...]

Fashion Sense on the Upper East Side! Gossip Girl Rocked It In Season 4!

One thing that you can't miss by watching Gossip Girl is that its all about the fashion. From day one there was a clear line about what was acceptable and what wasn't. There was a Queen on the block and well you made sure to be perfect at all times.  Now they might not be in high school anymore but Blair and Serena haven't forgotten what it means to be presentable at all times. They aren't just … [Read more...]

Gossip Girl will be coming back soon! Blair! Blair! Blair!

Do you watch Gossip Girl? I do! In fact I've watched every episode since episode one. I've watched the craziness that goes down on the upper east side and well isn't it funny how our little boy from Brooklyn always finds himself in the center of it all? Dan found himself in the center ring when he started dating Serena way back when. They may not be a couple anymore but (follow me here) he's now … [Read more...]

Gossip Girl – Fashionista!

Gossip Girl is more then just the who's who of NYC's upper elite. It's about fashion too people! For starters Serena has modeled and Blair's mom is a fashion designer and remember Jenny Humphrey's awesome must see fashion show she had at the end of Season Two?Just take a look at the cast! Every single cast member has a great look to them. While some may be impractical for us "everyday" people, we … [Read more...]

Gossip Girl – Favorite Couples & Best Kisses of Season Three

Having watched Gossip Girl from the start I've seen quite a few relationships for each character and many, many kisses! Last season there were some new people on the set and I really loved the way they integrated them into the show!My all time favorite couple of the season was Bree and Nate! Bree was from a rival family of the Archibald's family but that was the main reason Nate took interest. He … [Read more...]

Who IS Gossip Girl?

Do you watch Gossip Girl? I admit I still get sucked into this show and can't believe they will shortly be going into their fourth season! As of August 24th you'll be able to purchase the Gossip Girl: The Complete Third Season on Blu-Ray/DVD! This will give you a couple weeks to catch back up on what you missed or what you may have forgotten! I know I can't wait until my copies arrive!So the real … [Read more...]